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December 16, 2009

Hey Kelly,
     Why don't you like Batista?... i mean he hates Randy Orton...and the majority of people hate him..as well i do..but there's nothing really bad about Dave.
        A: I guess, he's just one of those guys who I just don't like. I just think he's wayyy overrated.
    Hey Kelly,
        I have a couple of questions for you
        is Maria dating Carlito cause on her myspace it says some stuff
         Is Jeff Hardy in jail and is he married?
         Is Mickie James and Cody Rhodes bi?
          Is Kane with former ecw diva Ariel?
     Does Trish Stratus have any kids?
     is Cm Punk with Jillian Hall?
        A: 1. No.
         He's not in jail and he's technically not married but he might as well should be because he and Beth have been together FOREVER!!
        3. No and No.
        4. No, he's married.
         5. No.
         6. No.
       when is edge coming back
        A: Not for a few months. His recovery hasn't gone as well as expected, but I'm pretty sure they said around WrestleMania
              Its that’s true that John Cena has on and off relationships now?
        A: John Cena's married.

 September 17, 2009

Hey Kelly.

Does Ted DiBiase have any tattoo's?
A: No.

Q: i just wanted to know if evan bourne was single or if he has a girlfriend.  i saw on his one of his supposed myspace pages there was a picture of him and a girl. i would be heartbroken if he had a girl.
A: I believe he is single.

Q:hey kelly this is teri lewak is batista going to retire.
A: I haven't heard anything about him retiring, but honestly I hope he does because he's been back for two days and I'm already sick of him.

September 14, 2009

Hey Kelly

Do you know any upcoming Raw guest hosts?
A: Trish Stratus will host on Monday. I believe I have posted other guest hosts on my page.


September 3, 2009

Do Ted Dibiase Jr and Maria date?
A: No. Ted Dibiase Jr. is married.

      Hey Kelly,

Do you know any upcoming guest hosts for Raw?

A: This coming Monday's guest host is Dusty Rhodes. Nancy O'Dell is also scheduled to be a guest host at some time. Also, Bob Barker, Al Sharpton, and possibly LeBron James have been confirmed. Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, the Osbournes, Danny DeVito, Regis Philbin, Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray, MC Hammer, Woody Harrelson, Serena Williams and Ashton Kutcher are all in talks of possibly hosting.

August 27, 2009

i just wanted to know if you caught the orton cena match at summerslam.  there was this crazed angry wrestler or fan that came out of the audience and attacked the referee. i just wanted to know if it was evan bourne i hope not.
A: The "fan" to interfered in the match was Brett DiBiase.

August 24, 2009

Hey Everyone!!
I'm so sorry for not being able to answer questions in a while. I've been busy and my laptop is broken for the time being. So I'm sorry if I am too late for answering some of your questions, but I will try and do my best with answering all the other ones that you have sent in.
Thank you,

How do you get all this info. good info and thanks for all the info
A: I research it on the internet and if I feel that it's a reliable source then I use it. And thank you! =]

Hey Kelly,

I was wondering if Maria is in danger of being released and i watched Night of Champions and Jeff Hardy won so i dont think hes gonna be retireing anytime soon
A: I don't think that Maria will be released any time soon since she is good and popular with the crowds. As far as Jeff Hardy goes, it is most likely that this is his last week in the WWE. His absence from television is one of the main reasons for the Undertaker coming back when he did.

Does Jack Swagger have any siblings?
A: I couldn't find anything that said how many and whether they were boys or girls. But I know that there is at least one and he is the oldest from what I found.

Dear Kelly
Would you please tell me who is Glen Jacobs really married to and does he have children?  I keep reading he is married to Maurisa with two step-daughters, then I read he is married to Tia and has a child.  Your answer is eagerly awaited.
Kind regards and many thanks
A: Hey Jules!!
He is married to Maurisa Jacobs (f. Goins) and has two step-daughters. They have been married since August 23, 1995.


hey kelly this is teri lewak dd triple break up with is wife stepahnie mcmahon.
A: No. They are still happily married.


Is matt hardy really nice as people say I hera he is stuck on him self and  is he really dateing that ugh Farrah SinClair ?someone says he is>
A: I have not personally met him, but I've heard he's really nice. And, I know that they are friends but I don't know if they're dating.



July 24, 2009

Q: hey kelly i was just wonderin i have read alot of different things about jeff hardy retiring..is this ture cuz i would be heartbroken if he did...please write back

A: As of right now there is a strong feeling that he has resigned with WWE but it has not been announced officially.


July 14, 2009

A: Edge got divorced because he had an affair with Amy Dumas (Lita)..As for John Cena I can't speak for his and his wife's future.
hey kelly this is teri lewak who is gail kim dating.

A: I researched it and I couldn't find the answer to it, so this might mean she's single.

July 10, 2009

Hi this is Alexis again um do you know how old Randy Orton's daughter is if you do say please
A: She will be one year on the 12th.

      hey kelly this is teri lewak is john cena going to turn heel i hope not.
A: I think he will eventually. Possibly after SummerSlam? I'm not sure though.


July 9, 2009

 Dear Kelly,
I have heard that on wikipedia that john cena is turning heel is that true or not.  It would be horrible for his fans if he turned heel.

A: While it could be horrible for his fans, I kind of feel it's necessary, since he's been face for such a long time. But I think he might be turning heel soon, because I've this rumor as well.

If John Cena's married he still has a relationship with the female friends?
A: If you see it on TV, it's just a storyline.

Dear Kelly,

Do you know of any upcoming storyline couples on either RAW, SMACKDOWN, or ECW. Does the WWE writers only pick people to be a couple in the storyline who are not married or single. I was just wondering because seeing all the relationship drama is a funny part in the show and is what attracts many fan. Couples like Vicki and Edge, John Cena and Maria, the love triangle between Edge, Vicki, and Big Show (and that before the wedding with the wedding planner) provide each brand with funny little segments that everyone is going to tune into from week to week to see all the drama. Are their any superstars and divas to look out for that will be pairing up sometime soon to be a storyline couple (maybe Cody and Maria because sources say that they go out). Any upcoming storyline romance or love triangles in the storyline.

Thank You,
Kiera Williams
Long Island, New York
A: It seemed that on Smackdown that they could be starting a Maria and Dolff Ziggler thing, but honestly I wouldn't like that. Otherwise I haven't heard of any other onscreen couples. But as far as only picking non married people, Big Show is married, so that's not the case all of the time.


June 29, 2009

Hey sorry guys! I've been pretty busy and haven't had time to check these in a while.

Dear Kelly,

I just looked on wwe.com and it says Mr.Kennedy got released! Didn't he just return on Raw in the tag team match? I'm wondering why they released him so soon i mean he could of gone far.

A: He was released because during that match, Mr. Kennedy could've hurt Randy Orton and afterwards Orton confronted him and said he needed to be more careful and then Mr. Kennedy got released.

hey kelly this is teri lewak who did john cena marry this weekend.
A: I'm not sure if he's married yet or not because I heard that it wasn't going to be until July.
I know he  hardy is playing a heel but,on the hardy show vids, and his bolgs he comes off as a stuck on himself jerk
he seems to play on his fans and use them and just could care less about them.
he just seems to think he is better than veerybody even better than god  ,no matter if he is heel or face,Is he really like that or am i wrong
A: He's not like that at all. And for me personally, I don't get that from him off of the hardy show at all.


What Happend if John Cena's future wife is cheating on him it is a possibility for John Cena files for Divorce?
Janice Rivera {John Cena fan
A: If it happened then that's a possibility, but I hope it doesn't because I wish him a good marriage and happiness.

hey kelly this is teri lewak do you batista takes drugs.
A: No because they get random drug tests.

Hey kelly this is teri lewak is lillan garcia going to get fired from the wwe.

A: I know that they are currently looking for a female ring announcer but that doesn't necessarily mean that she would be replacing Lilian. But it's a possiblity that Lilian's leaving or is just moving to part time so her schedule isn't as rough anymore.
 was just wounding what it would be like to be a wwe diva i mean what does it take to be a wwe diva
A: Well first of all skill in wrestling, being attractive (most likely), physically fit.

Hey Kelly,
I just was wondering if some certain superstars are turning heel? Like Christian and CM Punk they have been acting odd lately.
A: CM Punk is turning heel. I haven't been watching ECW as much lately so I don;t know about Christian as much.

Where has Jillian and Katie lea burchill been i havent seen them around in a long time, Also on Extreme Rules did CM Punk turn heel?
A: I'm not so sure about Jillian but Katie Lea Burchill I believe is on ECW.

hey kelly i have a couple of questions first was batista already hurt before his cage match with randy because i read somewhere that they were surprised that they let batista win because he was injured...my second ? is did vince really sell raw or is that just a storyline...and last is does matt hardy have a girlfriend?
A: Ya I'm not sure about Batista. Vince didn't really sell Raw it was just a storyline and as we know now after last night that Vince still owns it (although he did anyways because he never actually sold it). And Matt Hardy does not have a girlfriend.

hey kely this is teri lewak did donald trump buy raw.
A: No. It was just a storyline.


June 9, 2009

 Hey, I just have a couple of questions.

1) Does Cody Rhodes have a Girlfriend?
 A: I don't think so, but I'm not totally sure.

2) Does Cody Rhodes have a Myspace, Facebook, or Twitter account?
 A: He doesn't have a myspace or facebook. I'm not sure about Twitter.

There is a rumor sirculating that John Cena had a crush on Kelly Kelly it is real life or storyline possibility in
Janice Rivera

A: That's just a rumor because Cena is engaged. It is a possibility for a storyline though.


hey kelly this is teri lewak do you think john cena will go back to smackdown in the draft.

A: It's possible that he will.

Hey Kelly
I have been hearing alot of stuff like baby face and heel what does that mean for wwe?

A: A baby face is one of the good guys and the heels are the bad guys.


June 2, 2009


May 28, 2009

Hey Kelly
I have been hearing alot of stuff like baby face and heel what does that mean for wwe?

A: A baby face is one of the good guys and the heels are the bad guys.


 May 12, 2009

Q:  Hey kelly i have a question, my fav diva is mickie james and we dont see her that much anymore and i just wanted to know if she is in danger of being released?

A: No she's not.


Heyyahh Kelly,
Q: I Was On A Couple Of Websites There And They Had Said That Cody Rhodes Is Gay Is That True? Thanks xx

A: No he's not.

Q;  hey kelly this is teri lewk why don't you like batista.

A: There's really no exact reason why but I've just never liked him since the start.


Hey Kelly,
i have some questions for u!

1. when they are interviewing wwe superstars do they have them look at cue cards or a t.v screen that says what to say?
A: I don't think that its exactly scripted but I think they are just given of an outline of the stuff that they are supposed to say, but I'm really not sure.
2. I heard that there gonna make one of the babyface divas on smackdown turn heel? because theres only i heel diva
A: I've heard rumors of Candice going heel but I'm not sure about that one.
3. did they just have the search light there at backlash for the last man standing match or was it really there for the lights because it looks like that could really blind somebody.
A: Unfortunately I couldn't catch Backlash. Sorry.
4. I really want to become a wwe diva when i grow up and i want to start off interviewing people like Maria did. But instead of probably going to the Diva Search where should i go??
A: Well they're not having the Diva Search any more. I would probably try contacting the right branch of people at the WWE Headquarters who is in charge of that possibly, otherwise I'm not to sure, but experience helps.


Hi It's Aleth again, I have a new question but this is very important, for me and all the fans.

 The last days I added Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Maria,Brie Bella, and Jeff Hardy

I found Randy In the John Cena myspace (I think this is the real John I don't know why but it seems the real one), then I started to add this persons I really believed they are the real one and because I saw a lot of personal pictures, with friends family and others.

I've read comments about Brie it's dating with Cody, and I see other comments a lot of them like a chat hahaha between Barbie and Brie arguing about Cody, and he was telling to Bree a lot of things like "I'm not dating Barbie" and things like these, in fact I've read a comment like Randy take Barbie to dinner.

 I mean if they are the reals, why the have to chat in myspace, if they see every week, probably they have their numer phones...

 I'll very disappointed if these people are the real wrestlers, Please tell me they aren't hahaha



A: None of these are real.


April 28, 2009

 Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak is chris jericho dating kelly kelly.


Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak is going john cena going to lose his title at backlash because he is going to start a film in may.

A: Yes most likely though just so they have a world title on each brand though.


      Hey Kelly
Q: Are the wwe championship reaplica belts the same weight and everything as the original one??

A: I've never actually held any replica belts but the real belts are like 10-15 pounds.

Q:  Hi Kelly, It's me Jamie I heard that Cody Rhodes is currently in a relationship with a chick named Erica Bengal.  I also heard that they are going to have a child together.  Is this true I just wanted to know?
A: I'm not sure but it might just be someone just saying that to make people believe her.

Q:  hey kelly this is teri lewak how is edge going to be affected especially that is wife is going to be on raw.

A: Well first of all it's only his storyline wife because they're not married in real life, but that's why they brought in the Big Show and drafted him to Raw. It's also a possibility that the Edge/ Vickie storyline could be ending but I'm not sure.

Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak is batista going to turn a heel.
A: I haven't heard anything but I hope he does because I already don't like him.


Q:  Hello Kelly I'm Aleth from Mexico, I want to know if Randy Orton  is unrespectul with the Divas, and if he's cheating Samantha with one of the divas  I read something like that and I really want to know if he's a good guy or a Jerk, hahaha

A: Those are just rumors


April 5, 2009

Q:  What would happend with John Cena's marriage it will be something wrong with it and just ended up in divorce just like Dwayne Johnson

A: I don't think that it is my place to say how someone's marriage is going to go. If they stay happily married, they stay happily married. If they feel that it has to end in divorce and so be it, just hopefully they both make good decisions.
Hey Kelly
Q:  What's been up with Candice Michelle lately i haven't seen her in forever did she get released or something??

A: She has a minor injury that is keeping her out for a while once again.


March 31, 2009

Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak who do you think will get drafted.

A: I'm not sure exactly who but I've heart stuff about Rey Mysterio, Batista, John Cena, and Triple H, but those all aren't for sure.

Hey Kelly,

Q:Who are those people that help undertaker bring out the coffin in a coffin match? And does Brie Bella have a tattoo, if she does what is it? Thanks

A: They're either people who work backstage for the WWE or developmental wrestlers/jobbers.

 Hey Kelly,
Q: does Brie Bella have a tattoo, if she does what is it? Thanks

A: Yes she does, I couldn't tell exactly what it was but it looked to have something with wings.


March 23, 2009

Q:hey kelly this is teri lewak do you think john cena will go back to smackdown in the draft.
A: It's possible that he will.

      Hey Kelly
Q: I have been hearing alot of stuff like baby face and heel what does that mean for wwe?
A: A baby face is one of the good guys and the heels are the bad guys.

March 19, 2009

Q:  has jericho left wife for her, are they really dateing?
or just out oartying
A: They are just out partying.

Q:  hey kelly this is teri lewak i just read article about john cena he said in one interview that he is single and looking and in another interview that he is going to get married so which is it.
A: He's getting married in July.

Q:  hey kelly this is teri lewak how long is wrestlemania.
A: 4 hours long.


March 16, 2009


Q:  hey kelly this is teri lewak do you edge will retain is title?

A: I could actually see this match going either way of either Edge retaining or Cena winning it back.


Q:  Its that's true that most wrestlers got into a divorce like Edge, Hulk Hogan , Bret Hart & Ric Flair
What is going to happen with John Cena's Marriage it could be short or something happen?"
Janice Rivera (John Cena fan)
A: Well, obviously I can't predict the future, but it depends on how good their relationship is.



March 14, 2009
Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak do you edge will retain is title?
A: I could actually see this match going either way of either Edge retaining or Cena winning it back.

March 9, 2009

Hey Kelly i have a couple of ?.ok is Matt Hardy dating Katie Lee...do u know y mickey james hasn't wrestled in forever....and i heard a rumor that lita and trish are coming back this year is that true? well write back if you can.

A: Matt Hardy and Katie Lee aren't dating. It is very likely that they would be making a WrestleMania appearance but I'm not sure because, as of now the plan is to have a diva battle royal of present and past divas.

Q: is it true cena is getting married in july 09
A: It is possible because I'm pretty sure that it's going to be sometime this year. I'm not sure of exactly when that will be.

Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak is john cena going to marry liz it that his child hood sweetheart.
A: I haven't heard anything about who he is going to be marrying.


Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak do you batista will go to smackdown.

A: I don't think so.

A: All that has been released is that he's getting married in July.

March 2, 2009

Hi Kelly!!!!

Omg!!!! what's go in on now !!!! ahahahaha I'm in total shock

How is possible that now John Cena is engaged??? I couple day you said he isn't, where did you find that??? To whom??? When that happend???


Ana (Cena Fan)

A: That's because I just found fairly recently. I'm not sure to who but he said so in an interview with the Seattle Post.


hey kelly this is teri lewak who is melinda dating now.

A: I'm guessing you mean Melina, and I don't think anyone.

who is she that john cena is going to marry a diva?
A: I'm pretty sure he's not getting married to a diva.


hi kelly my name is reuben i just wanted to know is this boogeyman the smae boogeyman because he doesnt seem to have the same movements as he did before and he has front teeth the other boogey man didnt have them just curious

A: It's the same guy.


February 25, 2009

hey kelly this is teri lewak can you find out who is john cena is engaged to and who is he is getting married to.

A: I'm not sure who it is for sure.


Hi Kelly I have some questions for you:

1. With both of the belts being on smackdown do you think HHH is coming to RAW?
A: He will most likely just be making appearances on Raw for now until after Wrestlemania and/or the Draft.
2. Is John Cena engaged, dating or single?
A: He's engaged.
3. Are you glad that the JBL and HBK storyline is over?
S: DEFINITELY. I thought that was one of the dumbest storylines WWE has ever done but it was not realistic at all.
4. Is the undertaker retiring after wrestlemania?
A: I'm not sure because I originally heard that he was retiring after WrestleMania 24 but obviously that wasn't true.
5. How long will Batista be out?
A: Sometime towards the beginning of the summer unless recovery goes faster than expected.

IS John Cena engaged or Single yes or no?
A: He's engaged.


February 18, 2009

Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak i heard cm punk is dating lita now is that true.

A: No he is not. Lita is in a relationship with her boyfriend Shane Morten who is in her band The Luchagors.

ok here are my questions

1.-How are you sure John Cena isn't engaged?????, i read an article that said he is, but i don't believe that, because it said that the premiere of 12 round it wil be on march 13th but thats no true, so it made me think if all the stuff that said are real. and they said that the wedding will take place at the and of the year and other said it wil be in august. so please answer me plase.

2.- Are sure that john don't have a girlfriend??? they say the apparenly the ex liz is engaged to him and other say is mickey james so, what is the true

Thank you very much

P.D. I'm looking foward for your anwers

thank again

Ana (cena fan)

A: Thank you Ana for going to this site for answers. Anyways, John Cena is not with Liz or Mickie James.


hey kelly this is teri lewak according what john cena said in seattle post that he is engaged and getting married.

A: EVERYONE!!!! I had realized this right before I opened this email and I really had not enough information to make any announcement that John Cena actually is engaged until now because the Seattle Post is the first official website or anything like that where I have seen an announcement quoted from Cena himself. I apologize for misleading people this time, but you have to understand it is very difficult to know what to believe and not to believe when it comes from the internet.


hey kelly this is teri lewak how is going to affect raw if edge won the world champion belt from john cena does that me no belts for raw at all.

A: It's most likely going into an Edge/ John Cena feud an possibly for the time being until the draft and/or Wrestlemania happens that both titles could be on Raw and also start a Triple H/Randy Orton feud.


February 16, 2009

Q: this has been on my mind for a while...when is evan bourne coming bak?

A: He should be returning within the next few months.

Q: hey kelly this is teri lewak is who is john cena engaged to now because i read that he is getting married this year and who is she.

A: He isn't engaged.

February 15, 2009

Hey Kelly
i've heard everyone talking about teri lewak who is he??

A: I couldn't find anyone by that name except for a girl who sent in a question last week.

is john cena dating candice michelle.
A: No he's not.

hey kelly this is teri lewak is john cena still dating mickie james or not.

A: No.

February 9, 2009

Hey Kelly, I have been along time matt hardy fan and i saw his character on smackdown and he is really a big fat jerk. I just was wondering is he heel turning on jeff hardy. He has really disappointed me.

A: It's just a storyline turning Matt Hardy heel.

hey kelly, i just was wondering do like rosa mendes or melina a lot better for me it's melina.

A: Definitely Melina because she is one of my favorite divas overall. I wouldn't really mind Rosa Mendes if she was in a different storyline because I kind of liked Glamarella as it was, but I guess it needed a change.


hey kelly, i was looking online bout wrestlers that have died and did hardcore holly die..cause it said crash holly died and thats wat his name used to be right?? i am only 13 but i am pretty sure....but is said that it was in 2003 but his last match that i remember was when cody rhodes turned on him with ted dibiase.....but i thought he was going to make a come back then i saw that and got really sad...welll messages back


A: Hardcore Holly isn't dead. Crash Holly was his cousin. Hardcore Holly was released from the company in January.

hey kelly this is teri lewak is john cena dating or not with anyone.

A: He's single.

Hi Kelly,

There is a lot of pictures with Jeff Hardy and a baby going around. Speculation is that it is his son. Is this true? Does Jeff Hardy have a child?


A: I'm pretty sure I know what pictures that you're talking about and no he does not have any kids.

Hey Kelly
Do you know a website were i can get details or even pictures on new wrestling figures, besides the ones on ringside collectibles and all of those, like new new ones that are coming out later?

Thanks Elaina
A: Unfortunately I don't know of too many websites, but first I would definitely check out wweshop.com

hey kelly this is teri lewak do you think john cena will become champion for a long time

A: I don't think that this reign will be as long as his previous title runs have gone.


February 1, 2009

hey kelly ths is teri lewak is it true that stephanie mcmahon told randy orton to kick her father in the head.

A: It was just a storyline, so in a way I guess you could say that the WWE creative team told him to do that.


hey kelly this is teri lewak what happen to rhino is he injured now.
A: I'm not to sure but I also I don't really watch TNA as much so I'm not to sure.

Hi Kelly
This one you might not know but i live in Chicago and Raw just came there and in every other state they have Smackdown in the same state as Raw but that doesnt happen in Chicago do u know y?
A: I'm just guessing that it has to do on how they do their scheduling. I'm not too positive, but another thing is that I'm also guessing on what you're trying to guess. ha
Hey Kelly----Im pretty good at figuring out wat is and is not a story line...and I thought the whole firework thing wit Jeff was fake....but then i started 2 wonder....how could they fake that?

A: I honestly don't know exactly how they did but my guess is that it has to do with where we was standing and he was probably trained on how to protect himself when they were preparing for this situation.

hey kelly this is teri lewak why did matt hardy turn against his brother jeff hardy.

A: It is just a storyline but I'm not positive right now as to what their reasoning behind it is going to be because I try not to read spoilers anymore, but my guess is that they did this to move Matt Hardy on with his career and get away from ECW.

I have a question about the Divas.
My dream is to wrestle with the Divas. And i want some information about
the rules and stuff, but just if you know something about them of course =)
How could i join the Divas? And training, do you know something about

I'm just curious,


A: There are wrestling schools throughout the country that you can go to. You can also get involved in the Indy circuit. A key goal would be to make it to FCW or OVW to hopefully eventually get signed by the WWE for a full contract. There are also tryouts that you can attend.

Hi Kelly!

What happened with John Cena and Liz??
It was a long time ago, they were together, but i want to know, what happened?
Does John dating anybody? John and Mariah were dating but not anymore??
Is John single now?

- Denice

A: I'm not sure what happened when and how they broke up. I'm pretty sure that he's single right now.

Hey Kelly,
That was so dumb wat Matt Hardy did to Jeff at the Royal Rumble, plz plz plz tell me that its just a storyline

A: No worries! It is just a storyline =]


hey kelly! 1st:wat the hell was tht hardy.vs.hardy thing about? 2nd:is RVD back 4 good? 3rd:wheres Shannon Moore?
A: 1. It's just a storyline that will be exclusive to Smackdown. It's also a way to have Matt Hardy move on from ECW.
2. I'm not sure if he's back for good, my guess is he just might be used every now and then because he hasn't appeared on Raw or ECW this week, so unless he's on Smackdown, I don't know, but he hasn't been added to any of the rosters on wwe.com.
3. Shannon Moore was released from WWE, but he is currently trying to get resigned with TNA.

hey kelly its gabi again and i wanted to know why they are having the stupid story line with matt turning on jeff...it does kinda make since cuz when randy and jeff were in the fued for the championship matt was askin jeff for a shot at the title when he wins it....and matt was the only one to know where jeff was that night during the hit and run and they could have used the real beth cuz it didnt look anything like her....but i am very upset that they have my two favorite wrestlers in a fued and since they are brothers makes me mad too but message back byee

A: I also have mixed reactions about this storyline because I am a huge fan of both Hardyz, but you have to remember that it is just a storyline. I have to say that I thought that WWE did a good job with this storyline because they had so many people convinced that it was going to be Christian attacking Jeff at the Royal Rumble and not Matt Hardy.

January 21, 2009
heyyy kelly...i need to know cuz it is killing me but when all of those
fireworks hit jeff hardy was that real or put on.....it said on wwe.com that he
has 1st and 2nd degree burns....i was crying when i saw what happened to
him.....message back


A: It is just a storyline to go along with the previous things being done to him
like at Survivor Series and the hit and run accident which were also storylines.

Hi Kelly

Q: Since Maryse is injured don't u think they should make the Divas title vacant?

A: Her injury won't take her out for very long so that's why it hasn't been
vacated yet.

hey kelly
is christan cage coming back 2 the wwe ?
what ever happend 2 nathan jones the aussie wrestler?

A: Yes he is. and I don't know what happened to him. Sorry

Hi Kelly
I heard that on this Smackdown 1-16-09 that Victoria is retiring, could that
mean there is going to be a new diva on Raw or Smackdown?

A: They still would've have brought in a new diva regardless, but Rosa Mendes
will be apart of Raw, but that doesn't have anything to do with Victoria
retiring though.

I heard that Matt Hardy was dating Katie Lea Burchill and Dolph Ziggler is
dating Brie Bella is that true?

A: These are both just rumors.

hey kelly this is teri lewak i heard batista is going to do a movie this going
to be on the big movie screen or tv screen.

A: I'm not sure if he will, but if he does it will most likely go straight to


hey kelly this is teri lewak i heard that john cena will drop the title at the
royal rumble is that true.

A: It is possible, but I don't know for sure.


January 14, 2009

hey kelly
is there going 2 be a australian wrestler in the wwe soon

A: I am not aware of any right now. Sorry

hey kelly this is teri lewak is it true that chris jericho got fired from raw
and i also want to know is batista still dating.

A: Chris Jericho didn't actually get fired. It is just a storyline. and for
Batista: I don't think so.

January 12, 2009

Q: why cant\'t wrestling ever be real or true cause i am tired of asking questions
around know what is true or not

A: Honestly it never will be because it's entertainment and in America isn't
considered a main sport or anything. If you want to watch real fighting I
suggest you was UFC or MMA.

hi kelly this is teri lewak who did batista call before he got into surgery on

A: I honestly have no idea of knowing, but a good guess would be someone in his
family possibly.

January 8, 2009

Hi Kelly
Q: When is the 2009 diva search starting? And whats the deal with Michelle McCool's
beating everybody up, is she going to be on Victoria's side or something?

A: I'm not sure if they are having a diva search because there was no 2008 diva
search. Also in 2007 the diva search didn't get as much exposure compared to
other years. So I'm not sure if they're even going to have it this year. If they
do they usually start around August.
Michelle McCool is turning heel, which could lead her to make ties with
Victoria, even though they haven't been using her as much on tv.

Hi Kelly
Q: Whats with Natayla not being on Smackdown in like forever?
Thanks Elaina

A: I'm not to sure. It could just be due to the fact that they want to push the
Michelle McCool/ Maria feud and to include other divas on the show aside from
that would make the show a little boring. (in my opinion)


hey kelly, i wanted to know if shawn michaels is relle going to word for jbl cuz
idk if its real or not but i got relle ticked off when they had that fatal four
way how jbl was acting well message back

A: It's just a storyline. You have to keep in mind that Shawn Michaels works for
a billion dollar company and makes millions each year.

Hi Kelly,
Q: Whats the deal with that girl on raw Rosa Mendas? Shes always on Raw and in the
front row

A: She is former Diva Search contestant Milena Roucka. It is the way she is
going to debut into the WWE. It's just a storyline.

January 4, 2009
hi R Uand orton dating or is it a storyline do think he is cute.

A: First of all just to clear things up, I'm not Kelly Kelly but the thing
between her and Randy Orton is just a storyline because Randy Orton is married
in real life and has a baby. But I do think that he's hott though.

Q: have there been any real fueds in WWE with superstars or divas,besides the

A: One of the first ones to come to mind is when the whole Matt Hardy/Lita/Edge
storyline happened. That was definitely real, but also evolved into a storyline.
You could also use the Montreal Screwjob as an example.


January 1, 2009

I enjoy the website and a few questions:

1. How will the storyline go with Kelly Kelly and Kane? Will it be the same as
the one between Kane and Lita?

2. Is Undertaker still dating Michelle McCool? and what is the purpose of
turning her heel?


Hey Vince,
1: I'm pretty sure that it's not because of how they went about it and now that
they have revealed that it was with Randy Orton but either way it'd be a little
different than when the Kane and Lita storyline happened.
2: Yes and just for a change. Honestly I think it was a good change because I
was getting sick of her anyways but I think it's just for a change and so that
she can feud with Maria.


December 29, 2008

Hi Kelly,
I was just watching a dx vs spirit squad match and i noticed that Nickey looks a
lot like Dolph Ziggler on raw, is he Dolph Ziggler?
Thanks, Elaina

A: Yes they are the same person.

December 23, 2008

heyy kelly,,,,, u were rite jeff is the new champ.....i think†jeff could have
won on smackdown if edge woodnt have interupted and i think it wood be cool if
matt was world heavyweight champ well thanks and btw WHEN WILL VLADIMIR LOOSE!!

A: I KNOW!! JEFF HARDY IS CHAMP!!!!!! =] WOOO!!! That match couldn't have made
me any happier. As far as Vladimir Kozlov losing, I wouldn't be suprised if they
waited til the new year.

Hi Kelly,
TRISH STRATUS CAME BACK? that was so exciting and she won too! Was that like a
surprise thing just for
Christmas or something or is she really come back to WWE?

A: She only returned because they were in her hometown of Toronto. She's not
back full-time with WWE.

December 15, 2008

Hi Kelly,
I am a BIG fan of Maria, and i wanted to know if Maria is going to be Divas
Champ anytime soon, and is the whole Maria and Michelle fight just a storyline
and is Michelle Mccool turning heel?
Thanks Kelly, Elaina

Hey Elaina,
I think Maria will eventually get it, I'm not sure when. Yes it is just a
storyline and yes she is.

Hey Kelly, I thought the Slammy Awards were pretty good, but the only part that
ruined it, to me, was Mickie James kissing Khali. That really ticked me off,
when I saw thought. What did you think of it? Thanks
A: I thought they made it to obvious that certain awards were going to be given
to the winners. If they based it off of all of fans voting I think that I
would've enjoyed it a lot more.

hey kelly it's me again ( gabi )...i also wanted to know yer opinion on if jeff
hardy will be the next champion at armegedon...and matts chances on winning...i
think it will be AMAZING if they both win because i have been waiting for ever
for jeff to get the championship cuz he deserves it!!!
P.S. I am a HUGE hardy boz fan!!!!! ttyl
A: I definitely want Jeff Hardy to be the new champion and I think that he well
deserves it. I'm not sure about Matt Hardy on his chances of winning because I'm
not sure if they want Vladimir Kozlov to keep his undefeated streak but I would
love for Matt to be his first loss since Matt has been on a big roll. I think
the coolest thing would be for someday to have Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy to be
the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion.


Hey Kelly this is Sarah and I was wondering if John Cena is single because I am
a HUGE fan and he is really hott!!† Also I was wondering if you knew when jeff
hardy is getting married?

A: Yes he is. and Jeff and Beth are pretty much together forever and in a sense
are married just they have never had a huge ceremony or anything. If they are
planning one I have not heard about it yet.

how did jeff hardys house burn down?
A: It was undetermined but one of their guesses were some electrical wires


November 30, 2008

Q: Is Manu the same person who plays Umaga?
A: No. They are cousins. Umaga right now is out with an injury.

November 29, 2008

Hey Kelly, this is gabi...Im am a big fan of the hardy boyz and the miz...i just
wanted to kno if miz is single cuz i have a MAYJOR crush on him and i kno that
jeff is taken :( but also if matt is single cuz i have herd that he was dating
ashley massaro but i thought that that was along time ago...write back please

and thank ya
with love Gabi

Hey Gabi,

I am a HUGE fan of the Hardyz as well...not so much the Miz. Anyways, The Miz is
single and Matt Hardy is also, and him and Ashley have been broken up a long
time now.


heyy kelly I am a big fan of the chick magnet...the mizz and i just wanted to
know if he is single or not
ummm..message bak

A: I'm pretty sure that he is.
Is Manu, or whatever his name is, the same guy as Umaga?


A: No They are not. They are cousins.


Q: Batista has a child? From who???????????
A: Yes, from his ex wife.


hey kelly! Who r the newest people to go from face to heel....or heel to
face.....? (incluing divas) THANX!

A: I honestly don't know what to classify Randy Orton as right now but his
character has changed. Carlito is a face somewhat recently. The Great Khali is a
face now. Those are the main turns of character that stick out to me.


Do any superstars have a birthday on Aug. 29?
A: I could not find any superstars with that birthday.
Hi kelly i was wondering is it true that ashley was released because of her
daughters sickness? And do you think their should be a divas tag team title
belts in the future?

A: Honestly I don't think that that was the reason because around that same time
that whole escort rumor was going on as to whether that was true or not. And I
think that they should have a Divas Tag Team Title if they expand the amount of
divas. There are not enough divas on one show to have those titles though.

November 9, 2008

Hey Kelly, since it was annouced that John Cena will face Y2J for the WHC at
Survivor Series. Do you think Cena has a good chance of winning the title. In my
opinion, I believe he deserves it. He hasn't had it for a while, and has work
hard, unlike others that don't deserve the title, like Batista. What do you
think? Thanks

A: Part of me thinks that it's dumb that he wouldnt even have a match to be
qualified for it, but I that if Jericho lost the title it would be easier for
him to turn face, which is what I like him as the most. If John Cena does win
the title I would like it to not be for a super long title reign like all of his
other ones.

i just have one question...will DX ever get back together?

A: They won't come back full time again but every now and then they might tag
with each other.

Hey kelly when is Edge returning and is trish stratus come for a suprise visit
at any time soon?

A: There hasn't been an exact date as to when Edge is returning but I heard that
it could range anytime from survivor series to the Royal Rumble. No Trish
Stratus isn't scheduled to appear any time soon that I know of.


November 2, 2008

Is Maria dating anybody? and when is melina coming back?
A: No. and Melina should be returning sometime in January.

hey kelly this is teri lewak i have a question for you is john cena turning heel
at the survivor series.
A: I haven't heard yet, but I sort of hope that he'll be a heel sometime because
he's been a face for so long now.

hey kelly is batista and cm punk fighting over the same diva on raw.
A: No they are not.

October 27, 2008

How old is Evan Bourne and is he married or have a girlfriend?
A: He is 25 years old and I think he is single.

hey kelly does batista like any diva on raw besides melinda is dating anyone
girl right now on raw.

A: I believe they are still dating. I'm just not sure how serious their
relationship is.


October 12, 2008

hey kelly this is teri lewak i have some questions for you does batista have a
girlfriend and does john cena have a new girlfriend.

A: I'm pretty sure that John Cena's still single. I'm not sure whether Batista
is still dating Melina or if they have broken up or not.

October 5, 2008

Hey Kelly,

Whats goin on? I promised I am not going to ask a John Cena question. It seems
like you get loaded with those. Okay, so I was jsut wondering if Curt Hawkins
and Zack Ryder were going out with anybody or married?
A: I don't think so.

What happened to Hardcore Holly? I know Cody kina attacked him...but that
wouldn't really take him out. Where'd he go??? Will he be coming back anytime?

A: He is still signed withWWE but I couldn't find any resourceful information so
rather than telling you something that possibly isn't true I will give you an
update as soon as I find out for sure.


September 27, 2008

Hey kelly i have some questions for you:

1. Do you know how long John Cena will be out?
I'm not exactly sure how long but it will be awhile before he returns.
2. Is John Cena dating anyone?
A: No.
3. Why haven't they been showing Mickie James?
A: I was actually wondering the same thing. I couldn't find any good information
on it though.
4. What do think of the new Chris Jericho. I think it is awful.
A: Well I don't really like it either but it's just a storyline so it's not
terrible, I guess.
5. How long do you think that Jericho will keep the belt?
A: He could be losing it at No Mercy. I hope he does because I would like to see
Shawn Michaels be the champion again.
6. Do you think they will make a storyline involving the Undertake and Triple H.
A: I'm not sure how much the Undertaker will be doing regularly because I have
heard that his knees have been bothering him lately
7. How long do you think Triple H will keep his belt? A: I'm not too sure about
his title. He might be keeping it a little longer but I would like to see Jeff Hardy win the WWE Championship from him at
No Mercy.


September 7, 2008

Q: does mickie james have a bebo account?
A: No she doesn't.

September 2, 2008

Hey Kelly! Is the Jeff Hardy/MVP battle just a storyline? MVP got a lil' 2
personal for it just 2 b a storyline....thanks Kelly!~Anna~

A: It's just a storyline.

September 2, 2008

hey kelly now im confused people are saying that the mickie-cena storyline was
just a storyline and they were not going out in the first place and they are
just good friends and that's it. so was all that dating stuff on websites were
false or just trying to hype up the storyline? or they are really dating in real
life and just dont want people to know? Thanks!

A: They had an on and off relationship.


August 29, 2008

Hi, I have a few questions:

Q: Is the Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho storyline really personal to them?

Q: Do
they hate each other in real life?

A: It's just a storyline.

Q: When's Vince coming back?
A: I think he'll return sometime in the next few months.

Q: Is it true that Mick Foley might go to TNA?
A: Yes.
Thanks and bye!

August 26, 2008

hey kelly,
Q: is john cena married?
A: No he isn't.

Q: does john cena have any kids?
A: No.

Q: and who is john cena dating right now?
A: I don't think he's completely involved with anyone right now.

thank you.

Hey Kelly, John Cena has been back from his injury a while now, and still hasn't
won the WHC. When do you think he'll eventually win it?

A: He eventually
will. I'm just not sure when.

August 21, 2008

Hey Kelly! Im not sure if its because they just recently made their
myspace's,but do Mickie James,Trish Stratus,Melina,John Cena or Randy Orton have

A: I'm pretty sure that none of them have myspaces.

August 11, 2008

I have some questions for you

1. What do you think about Batista John Cena Tag Team Champs? I think it's great
b/c i don't see either one of them becoming champs anytime soon.

A: Well I'm not a huge Batista fan. But it's nice that there's a change though.

2. How long do you think Cena and Batista will stay Tag Team Champs?

A: Not long. Possibly only a few weeks.

3. What do you think is going to happen with HBK? I think that he is going to
either retire or take a long break.

A: My guess is that he just won't be wrestling as frequently but probably
because of how long he's been in the business to make it easier on his body.

4. Is HBK injurys real? His eye looks really bad.

A: I'm pretty sure that it's not as bad as they make it out to be. I think that
if it was real that they would have told us more details on his career as of

5. What are your preditions on Summerslam? Who do you think the winners are
going to be?
A: 1. Undertaker will defeat Edge.

2. Triple H will defeat The Great Khali
3. I can see the Matt Hardy/ Mark Henry match going either way, but I definitely
want to see Matt Hardy win.
4.Jeff Hardy will defeat MVP.
5. I can also see the Santino Marella/ Beth Phoenix vs. Kofi Kingston/Mickie
6. John Cena will defeat Batista.
6. I read recently on some on your answered questions that John Cena and Mickie
James have an off screen on again off again relationship, what do you mean when
you say that?

A: It means that they go between being just friends and dating.

7. What happened to Kenny Dykstra? (sorry if spelled his name wrong)

A: I believe that he's just recovering from some minor injuries.
Thanks for answering these questions.

August 10, 2008

Hi my favorite wrestler is John Cena and i have some questions for you ,

When will John Cena win the†WWE Title and who will he win it from ?
A: I'm not exactly sure when he'll win it. My guess is the next title for him

will be the World Heavyweight Championship.
Will John Cena and Batista keep the tag team titles for a while casue cena looks
good in gold ?

A: My guess is that they'll lose it after SummerSlam because this match
reflects when John Cena and Shawn Michaels won the World Tag Team Championships
around WrestleMania 23.

What is in Kane's bag that he has been carring around ?
A: Most likely it's either an urn or his mask.
Are Triple H and Steiphen toghter

A: Yes. Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are married with 2 children.

When will Triple H lose his tilte
A: Possibly at SummerSlam but I'm not sure.
From Lindsay chandler

Hey Kelly, do you see anything special happening to D'Lo Brown?

A:Not right away. But I think he could possibly be moving towards the
Intercontinental title eventually.

August 7, 2008

hi Kelly!

isnt Mickie James

Thank you!†engaged to Ken Dykstra? what's this about her and Cena! i don't
believe it one bit!

A: Mickie James and Ken Doane (Dykstra) broke off their engagement awhile ago.
Now she is in an on and off relationship with John Cena.

hey kelly i have a couple of questions for you:

1. Do you like the new storyline with Cryme Tyme and Cena?? I do cause all three
of them are funny.
A: I do for two reasons. 1. I like both Cena and Cryme Tyme. 2. It's something
different and I think that having Cena be involved with 2 other people is more
entertaining than just him alone.

2. What is status between Mickie James and John Cena? Are they still dating or
A: They have an on and off relationship off camera.

3. Monday July 7 they showed a Mickie and Cena backstage it was kinda of awkard
looking to me, would you agree?
A: Sort of I guess but it's a storyline.

4. Who do you think will become RAW general manager?
A: Mike Adamle is the new general manager. Sorry for the lateness of these
answers everybody but when these questions were sent to me for some reason they
were sent to the wrong folder. So I'm sorry for the answers being so late.

5. On Monday Night RAW when Kane snapped, who was talking when he kept saying is
he dead or alive?

A: Most likely The Undertaker. But I've heard a rumor that it could have to do
with Paul Bearer but that's unlikely.

6. Where is Beth Phoneix?

A: Well right now she's still involved with her storyline with Santino Marella
with their "professional relationship".

7. How long do you think CM Punk will keep his title?
A: I have a feeling he could possibly lose it soon. They might have him keep in
the title shots though to help push his career even more.

August 4, 2008

Q: how many kids does the undertaker have

A: He has 4 kids. 2 daughters and 2 sons.


Hi, here are some questions I was wondering about...

1) Is the Undertaker returning to Raw or Smackdown? If he's going to Raw, then

how come he's facing Edge, who is from Smackdown?

A: I've heard Raw, but it could possibly be Smackdown since that's the roster

that he's been added to. But it wouldn't matter that Edge is from Smackdown

because it has to do with their rivalry from before the Undertaker's break.

2) What do you think is in Kane's bag?

A: I've heard that it's his old mask. Or an urn.

3) Do you think Triple H like it there in Smackdown?

A: Well I think so because his schedule is easier. He's also not being booked

for house shows because Stephanie McMahon gave birth to their baby.

4) Is any superstars going to†TNA and is any coming to WWE?

A: R Truth ;who is coming to Smackdown;is Ron Killings for TNA



August 1, 2008

Hey it me Foxxiey.R

Q: I heard.. it is John Cena is engned with LIz.. but now.. John Cena take date
with Mickie Jamie..?? I don't undernsrad..

A: He has an on and off relationship with Mickie James. Liz isn't even in the
picture right now.


Hey Kelly,

I just saw Monday nights raw and they announced that jerry the king lawler and
michael cole were going to be tag team partners against cody rhodes and ted
diabise. Michael Cole did not do so great and he looked like he was injured.

just wanted to know is he going to be out for a long time?
Also what do you think of Mike Adamle becoming general manager of raw?

A: Michael Cole won't be out. I don't exactly like the idea of Mike Adamle
becoming the new general manager, but also I think that it's a lot better than
having William Regal return as the G.M.

I just wanted to know about on bebo.com there was this picture of cody rhodes
with a girl is that his girlfriend or a complete fake thing?† And does he have a
girlfriend as of yet?

A: Most likely it's fake. And I'm pretty sure that he doesn't have a girlfriend.

What's the name of Maryse's theme song?

I've heard it's called Lounge Lizard that is a production by the WWE.

Will John Cena ever win the WWE Championship again and will Jeff Hardy ever win
it and who will at SummerSlam Batista or Cena

A: John Cena will win it again eventually. Jeff Hardy also eventually, but I've
heard that most likely Matt Hardy will win a World Title before Jeff Hardy. And
I'm guessing Batista but I'm not sure.

1.Did they plan Melina's injury?
A: No. It's a real injury.
2.Did you ever think of what song you would have if you were a WWE diva? Mine
would be Riot Girl by Zebrahead!
A: No sorry I never did. But for sure I'd want something that would kind of
describe me and would be the alternative genre and upbeat.
3.Why haven't Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore been teaming up lately?

A: Because Jimmy Wang Yang just returned from his suspension.
4.What's your favorite WWE entrance theme for a superstar or a DIVA?

A: I love the old Hardy Boyz theme and Chris Jericho's current theme song. I
also like Triple H's theme song.
Thank you

July 29, 2008

hey kelly i have a couple of questions for you.

1.What do you think about the Beth Phoenix and Santino kiss? I seen it coming?

A: I thought it was strange considering the two people that did it. I also
could tell that they were going to start kissing
2. Do you think that the WWE needs better storylines than the ones they are
giving us now?

A: Definitely.
3. What is the latest on John Cena and Mickie James...Are they dating or just
friends. I hear so many different stories.

A: They have an on and off relationship.
4. What do you think about the DIVA belt. I actually think that is cute and it
fits the DIVA's

A: I honestly think that the belt's a little too girly, but that's just me.
Also honestly I'd rather see someone other than Michelle McCool hold the belt
5. Why haven't they been showing Melina often?

A: Melina is out with an injury that occurred the night of the draft.
6. Is the JBL and Cena storyline about to end anytime soon?

A: I'm pretty sure it will.
7. When the Undertakes does come back, do you think they will make a storyline for him and Triple H?

A: Most likely once he's done with Edge it will either have him get into a
title shot, but possibly on either show. I only say that because of the rumors
that have gone around about him possibly going to Raw once he returns, even
though right now he's still under the Smackdown roster.
Thanks for answering my questions.


July 25, 2008

hey kelly so all these websites are saying that mickie and cena have on again/
off again relationship in real life and the storyline of theirs is done because
they want it to be private is this true about them still dating off screen just
not on-screen anymore? Thanks

A: Yes. That's true.

July 24, 2008

Does Cody Rhodes (Cody Runnels) have a MySpace? ~THANKS~
A: No he doesn't.

Who do you think Kane is talking about when he asks "Is he dead or alive?!" In a
poll most people are guessing Undertaker.What do you think?

A: Most likely it has to do with the Undertaker. There has also been a rumor
about it relating to Paul Bearer but that isn't likely.

Hey Kelly, are John Cena and Mickie James on a on and off relationship? What's
the deal there? Thanks

A: Yes they are.


When did Randy orton have his baby?
A: July 12

What did they name it?
A: Alanna Marie Orton

Did triple h have there baby yet?

A: They haven't had their second child yet.
if they did what did they name theres?
A: So the name is unknown so far.

When will Randy orton be comming back?
A: He's being advertised for the August 31st show
When is John Cena ganna win the belt?

A: Not for a while.
who is ganna win the belt from CMPUNK?

A: Either Batista or possibly JBL as of now.
When is Mickie James losing her belt?

A: I have a feeling she could be losing it soon but I hope not.
and who is she losing it agenst?

A: That I'm not sure of.
What other superstars are sopposed to be having a baby?
A: I believe Charlie Haas and his wife are expecting another child.

hey kelly what is Matt Hardy's new theme song?

A: Matt Hardy's current theme song is called Live for the Moment
If you meant Jeff Hardy's since Matt doesn't have a new theme song that I know
of, his is called No More Words.


1. when will undertaker be back?
A: I'm not sure if he'll make any physical appearances before SummerSlam but it
has been confirmed that he'll be in a Hell in a Cell match against Edge.
2. Is Kane Turning heel?
A: Sort of but I don't think it's being to effective as of now.
3. who do you think will win at the great american bash, c.m punk or
batista? i would like to see punk keep the championship
A: Out of CM Punk and Batista, I'd also rather see CM Punk keep the title, even
though I'm not huge fans of either of them.
4. Is dlo brown coming back to wwe and is ron killings coming back aswell?
A: D-lo Brown made his reappearance this past monday on Raw against Santino
Marella. Ron Killings is being advertised to be on SmackDown in the next
upcoming weeks.

thanks, jordon

July 19, 2008

Hey Kelly, since John Cena and Mickie James didn't have a segment last week, and
I know you said their taking it slowly, but is it for certain they'll even bring
back the storyline for sure. Thanks

A: It's not positive but there is a possibility that it'll be an every now and
then fo tv.

Hey Kelly i have some questions for you:

1. Do you knw how to become a blast area for PPV?
A: You can probably try sending them information about the place.
2. Are John Cena and Mickie James still dating?

A: It's complicated. I'll get more information out later.
3. Was it just me or was the past Monday Night Raw kinda of boring? Especially
the whole JBL and Cena scene at the end.
A: Well for me it hasn't been as good since they moved Triple H and Jeff Hardy
to Smackdown.
4. How long is this JBL and Cena storyline going to last?

A: Possibly until some of the weeks leading up to SummerSlam.

5. Do you like the Cena and Cryme Tyme connection. I† think it's kinda cool b/c
they are all funny when they come together?

A: I like it because it's something different and I like Cena and Cryme Tyme.

6. Do you think Batista is going to win the belt this sunday?

A: I think realistically he would. And most likely yes.

7. Has Randy Orton or Triple H's wife had their babies yet?

A: Randy Orton's has. I don't think that Stephanie McMahon
has had her baby yet.
Thanks for answering my questions.

July 16, 2008

Dear Kelly,
Will there ever be an all WWE reality show. Will the Miz or any other WWE
superstar/diva (both active or non active) be on the Real World on MTV. Do you
think there will ever be a full WWE version of the Real World on MTV. Will John
Cena ever get offered a reality show like Hulk Hogan (He said on 5 questions
that it would star him, his brothers, and his father). Do which WWE
superstar/diva (both active or non active)will appear on a reality show any time
soon. All of these reality shows would be good publicity for the WWE and in this
the sports entertainment business would gain more fans and give the fans they
have a treat to keep entertained.
Thank You. You are the best.
Kiera Williams
Long Island, NY
(July 20,2008 The Great American Bash at the†Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, NY)
A: I doubt that there will be. The only possibility of the Miz being on the Real
World again is if they do some sort of reunion show or something of that sort.
There won't be a a full WWE version of the show. Especially because they pretty much all know each other already so it wouldnt be the same
as the past seasons.
The reality show with John Cena could be possible but it probably wouldn't
happen until he got older.


Hey Kelly,
When Stephanie McMahon has her baby do you think that they will publicly
announce it. Do you know if her and Hunter are having a boy or girl and what are
they gonna name it. Do you think that John Cena will ever come out with another
addition of 5 questions (he is really funny). Thank you for aswering my
Love <33333,
Kiera Williams
Long Island, NY (hometown of Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder)

A: I'm pretty sure that they'll announce because when she had her first child
they announced it on Raw. I believe they're having another girl. I'm unsure of
the name though. I don't think that they'll do another 5 Questions show.

Dear Kelly,
Do you know what storyline WWE couples will there be. Will Matt Hardy, Jeff
Hardy, or;even Gregory Helms;get a storyline girlfriend. Do they only pick
people to be storyline couples who are not married.
Thank You,
Kiera Williams
Long Island, New York

A: I haven't heard of any new ones. I don't think that either 3 of them will.
And not necessarily but the Superstar has to agree to it. Sometimes if they
refuse it possibly ends in a release. For example, Kristal Marshall.

hey kelly,
on Raw the 14 of 2008 apparently JBL crashed his car in Cena. Is that true or is
it just a storyline?

A: It's definitely just a storyline. The story is that Cena escaped the car but
that it still scraped him and that he should still be able to compete at the
Great American Bash.
Did Kelly Kelly and CM PUNK ever go on in real life?

A: No they haven't.
Who is JOhn Cena Best friend?(in the wwe)&#8224;A: Randy Orton.
Who is mickie james best friend?(in the wwe)

A: I'm not to sure about Mickie.
What is going on with Kane?

A: Most likely it's for the return of the Undertaker because he's supposed to
be returning to Raw.
Whos winning macth between batista and CM PUNK?

A: I'm not to sure but realistically it would be Batista.

Is Randy orton exspecting a boy or girl?
They're expecting a daughter. I'm not sure if she was born yet because she was
due July 15.
And will the WWE ever go to Windsor Ontario(canada)&#8224;As of now there aren't any shows scheduled for Windsor, Ontario.


Hey Kelly,
Do you think that John Cena and Mickie James will get even more in depth with
their relationship on camera. Will go as far as them revealing they are dating
as part of storyline, maybe even kiss and get engaged or get married. Thank You
Love always,
Kiera Williams
Long Island, NY

A: I'm not sure how far they'll take it. But I'm pretty sure that they won't go
ahead with an engagement or marriage.

Do any other people from WWE (besides Matt Hardy) have a MySpace? gracias!
A: The people besides Matt Hardy who have myspaces are: Gregory Helms, Ashley
Massaro (even though she's been released), Edge, Jillian, Jimmy Wang Yang,
Justin Roberts, Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Miz, Rey Mysterio, Shannon Moore, and
Victoria. Torrie Wilson also has a Myspace.


hey kelly
ok now you confuse me with the john cena ,mickie james storyline. when he did
that live web chat before the last pay per&#8224;view he said they were no longer
together. with a previous question you said not only is it a storyline but its
real. so are they or aren't they together?

thanks for your time

A: Right now I think it's pretty safe to say that they're just friends, but
previously were going out.

July 13, 2008

1. Who do you think will win at the great american bash Michelle or Natalya? i
want Michelle to win!
A: I'm pretty sure Michelle McCool will.

2.Why are so many people switching from TNA to WWE and WWE to TNA?

A: Part of it is if they were released from one of the companies. Also each
companies offer certain wrestlers a certain amount of money to come be a part of
their roster.
3.Why do they still have the Edge and Vickie Storyline still going on? its
really stupid and annoying in my opinoin.

A: I agree that it's stupid and annoying. They only have it still going because
when they have the "wedding" is when Undertaker is returning, destroying the
4.When Candice Michelle returns will she stay face or turn heel?

A: I think she'll stay face.
5.I'm confused. Ashley's myspace says she has a daughter but other places says
she dosen't. what's the truth???

A: Honestly I can't find a a reliable source.. It is possible that the real
reason she asked for a release was because of the whole escort story.

hey i just wanted to know if the storyline between mickie james and john cena is
real or just for the story line and are they going out in real life?

A: It's real but they also use it as a storyline.

July 12, 2008

A: Neither of them have a myspace.

hey kelly i was wondering if mickie james has a myspace? Thanks
A: No she doesnt.

hey kelly now im confused this monday on raw they showed mickie and cena talking
or flirting backstage again so is the storyline back on or was that a one-time
thing? Thanks

A: I believe that they're just taking the storyline slowly.


A: Maria doesn't have a myspace. Jeff Hardy is associated with the Itchweeed
Myspace but it's not exactly his. Mickie James doesn't have a myspace. As of
right now there are no listing for Arizona on wwe.com

July 10, 2008

Q: i was wondering if at the great amercain bash if Edge or Triple H will win the
WWE Championship

thanks Linds

A: Well, unfortunately I see Edge winning but I certainly hope not. Reasons
being is that if Edge did win it would set up that the wedding would be back on,
setting up Undertaker's return. The other being that Stephanie McMahon should be
having her baby soon. The reasons I don't see Edge winning though is that he had
just been the World Heavyweight Champion for a while.


I thought the John Cena and Mickie James storyline was done, why do you
think they had that little segment together? Thanks

A: I also thought that it was done, but I'm pretty sure that they're just going
to take the storyline slowly and see where it goes from there.

1. are Beth Britt and Jeff Hardy still together?
2. Do you know if any of the wrestlers have bebo?

thanks for your time,

A: Yes they are and I'm not sure if any of the have Bebos.

whats the reall myspace URL of the reall KELLY KELLY?
Does Jeff Hardy have a

A: The URL to KellyKelly's Myspace is myspace.com/72192189.
and Jeff Hardy doesn't have a myspace but he's associated with the Itchweeed

Hey Kelly. Is that Bradon Walker guy Chis Harris from TNA? Thanks Kelly!

A: Yes. It's the same guy.

July 8, 2008

Hey Kelly

Q.I was wondering why wwe tours dont come out on DVD that much.
A: My guess is that it's not exactly a first priority for them to put that on
DVD because most likely there would be many people who wouldn't buy that
Q.Can khali speak English in real life
A: A little. I don't think he can fluently though
Q.Has the wwe asked for&#8224;Australian wrestlers
A: They don't necessarily ask for them&#8224;but if there's an Australian wrestler
who's good they can have a try out or something like that or get involved in a
smaller wrestling circuit first and move up to WWE.
Q.I thought I heard Vickie Guerrore say that smackdown was going to have a women
championship is that true
A: Yes. They're going to have their own Divas Championship
Q.where is the cruiserweight weight title because it been vacated for a long
A: The Cruiserweight title has been retired.
Q.where's boogeyman
A: He had a torn calf injury and I believe he also had some dental surgery to
replace some of the teeth he's missing but he should be returning soon. WWE is only using him on a non-regular basis because of his
gimmick and that it sometimes grows old quickly.
Q where's BIG DADDY V.
A: I'm not exactly sure. Sorry. He should be back soon though.
Q will wwe return to Australia again next year
A: Yes. They go there every year for their Australian/New Zealand tour.


Hey Kelly did you know that Salinas from TNA is actually Ariel? I didn't know
that until today!

A: Yes I did know that.

July 4, 2008

hey kelly so john cena was on the live blog thing on fan nation on sunday and he
commented on his relationship with mickie james was he in character or was that
a real life answer from him? Thanks

A: Sorry I didn't see the blog so I'm not sure.Possibly both.

hi kelly im a very big melina fan i thing she is a great role model i want to be
just like her i just wanted to know

1] is it true that batista was cheating on his ex wife with melina?
2] is it also true that thay where together and nitro didnt know about it?
3]is melina really disliked by the rest of the divas of wwe?
thanks from max.

A: Sort of, they were already separated when he started to date her, I believe.
I haven't heard that. Sorry.
No shes not.

July 2, 2008

Hey kelly,
I just wanted to know if cody rhodes is really a jerk or good guy in real life.
The way he has been acting lately is questionable.
A: He's a good guy. He's just acting like that because it's a storyline.

Hey Kelly i have some qestions

1.Did they get rid of Ashley yet? they never use her so whats the point of
keeping her?
A: No they haven't but I think they should because in my opinion she's useless
to the company because also in my opinion I don't think that she can wrestle at

2. Is Hector Guerrero (TNA) related to Eddie Guerrero cause they look a lot
Yes. He's his brother.
3.Why did Cody turn his back on Bob Holly?
A: As apart of the storyline. My guess is why they chose those to is because
both of their fathers used to be wrestlers, so it probably has something to do
with that.

Thank you Bre

It's just me again I wanted to know if cody rhodes is friends with ted diabiase
jr in real life.
A: Yes they are.

Dear Kelly,
Do you know when Gregory Helms is set to return and what show (RAW, Smackdown,
or ECW) he will be returning to. Do you also know when The Undertaker will be
returning and will his new personality will be like. Do you know where Jeff
Hardy is staying since his house burned down and is he planning on rebuilding
Thank You sooooo much,
Kiera Williams
Lonng Island, NY

A: I'm not exactly sure when Gregory Helms is returning but I do know that it
will be soon and he'll probably be returning to Smackdown. The Undertaker as of
now, is expected to return sometime around SummerSlam. I don't think he'll have
a new personality.
Jeff Hardy has been staying with Matt Hardy.

Hey Kelly,
It's me again I just wanted to ask you a few questions and I am sorry they are
about cody rhodes.
1 Is cody rhodes a jerk or a good guy in real life?
2.Does cody rhodes like kids?
3. Is cody rhodes friends with ted dibiase jr in real life?
I am sorry if I am upsetting you.

Hey Jamie,
That's ok! Ask me as many questions as you want!!
1. He's a good guy.
2. I'm pretty sure that he likes kids.
3. I'm also pretty sure that they are.

June 29, 2008


Whats Matt's MySpace URL? So many people say they're him, its 2 hard 2 tell.

Thanks Kelly!

Gracias Kelly!

A: I'm assuming you mean Matt Hardy and its www.myspace.com/theonlymatthardy

That is possible but I see two things that would cause to possibly not

happen..1: Ted DiBiase Jr. said that in his first match he'd win the World Tag

Team titles and he can't team with Cody Rhodes since he is one half of the World

Tag Team Champions.

2: Since it's Monday that means that it won't be shown on TV since you said that

the match was tonight, unless you meant on Monday night, but my guess if he does

turn on Hardcore Holly it probably won't be until they lose the Tag Team titles.

I'm not totally positive though.


Q: Hey Kelly, what happened to John Cena going to smackdown, and what's next for
him? Thanks

A: Originally it was John Cena who was supposed to go to Smackdown, but there
was still a possibility that Triple H was going to Smackdown. The reason that
Triple H went to Smackdown is for two reasons: 1. He would get more time off to
see Stephanie, especially because their baby is due within the next month. 2.
Since when Undertaker returns he'll be returning to Raw and I believe that that
has to do with something like they don't get along or something, I'm not
completely sure about that one, but I do know that because Undertaker is
returning to Raw most likely is a reason.


June 26, 2008

hey kelly now that the storyline of mickie james and john cena is done did they
break up in real life too?

A: I think they are, I'm not positive though.


Q: is that thing with vince a stroyline/fake or is it really

A: It's just a storyline so that they could dismiss the Million Dollar Mania.



1) did the wrestlers know whos goin to be drafted??
if they did, why was j.r. so surprised and plannin to quit wwe? (new news from

A:Many of them didn't know that they were;being drafted. For example J.R. had
no idea and he almost quit because he was unhappy with the decision to put him

on Smackdown! because he's been on Raw for such a long time and has wored with

Jerry "The King" Lawler for such a long time also, so that just upset him as you
could see by his facial expression on Raw.

2) why do vince want to quit the million dollor mania?

A: Because no company's going to give away a million dollars every week.


June 25, 2008

Q: Was the Vince McMahon accident at the end of last nights raw part of the
storyline or was that a real accident?

A: It was just a storyline to&#8224;end the Million Dollar Mania.

June 24, 2008

Hey Kelly i have some questions for you

1. Who are your favorite wrestlers and divas?
A: My favorite superstars are Matt and Jeff Hardy, Triple H, Shawn Michaels,
Kane, and The Undertaker.
My favorite divas are Candice, Melina, Mickie James, and Maria.
2. How long is Randy Orton going to be out?
A: He wants to return in late August, but the company has been talking about
not returning until mid-October.
3. When is the undertaker coming back?
A: He should be returning sometime in August, around SummerSlam.
4. Have Cena and Mickie broken up yet?
A: I believe so because of news I've heard and also because their storyline of
it came to such an abrupt ending
5. How do you even know that they are really dating b/c there have been so many
different stories out there lately.
A: I had heard the news from an official reporter.
6. Is triple H going to lose b/c his baby is due soon?
A: I'm assuming you mean at Night of Champions, and possibly but I hope not
because I don't want to see Cena with the championship.
7. Where is Shawn Michaels?
A: He's just not doing as many shows due to his storyline with Chris Jericho.
8. Do you like Ted Dibaise Jr? I really don't care for him right now.
A: No I don't only because his first appearance gave him a big ego and right now
theyre having him talk a lot of talk but no in ring performances yet.

Hey Kelly,

is there a possibility of both John Cena and Mickie James getting
drafted to Smackdown? Thanks
A: It's most likely that John Cena will be drafted to Smackdown tonight, but
most likely not Mickie James though because she's the Womens Champion and
Smackdown is just starting the Divas Championship.

Hiya Kelly

Q: I have heard tons of rumours that Jeff Hardy & Beth Britt have split up I just
wanted to know if this is true?

A: No they haven't. They're together for life.

Hey Kelly, I've heard that possibly Batista could get drafted to Raw, and start
a heel stable, with some young guys. Have you heard this? Thanks

A: Well, I'm sorry that I didn't check my e-mail sooner because they just showed
him getting drafted to Raw on the TV, and yes he's most likely going to turn
heel, but I have heard this previous to the draft.

June 18, 2008

Hey Kelly, is it true that Cena is getting drafted&#8224;to smackdown, because that
would be terrible. Thanks!

A: I've heard that to and honestly I think it needs to happen because I think
they need more top superstars on Smackdown and he's been on Raw ever since the
draft where he went from Smackdown to Raw. I think it'd be a nice change.

June 17, 2008

Hey Kelly, is John Cena and Mickie James storyline done, or will they have
something next week, on the draft. Thanks.
A: I don't think they're making it a major storyline. More could possibly evolve
from it.

June 14, 2008

Is the unertaker retiring?
A: No not yet

Hi It's just me again I want to know if ted diabiase jr is really a jerk in real
Hey Jamie,
It's just a storyline where he has to act like that.

It's me again and thanks again for the answer. I just wanted to know does cody
rhodes have a myspace page?
No he doesn't.

June 11, 2008

Q: Did Vince really gave those people the money?
Q: Did the people Vince called in the storyline or were they just real people like
us waiting to be called?


A: He did really give away the money and they were just regular people randomly

Q: Kelly, I'm a bit confused, because on raw recently, they didn't have a segment
with john cena and mickie james. Are they just forget about the storyline even
happen, or will they continue it, because it will tick me off if they just stop
if for no reason. Thanks

A: They're not showing a segment with them every week obviously but they haven't
ended it.

Q; I just wanted to know if cody rhodes is engaged to maria kanellis?
A: No.

Q: Just me again i was wondering does cody rhodes have a girlfriend?
A: No.

Q; I heard the Undertaker was banished from the WWE because his wife died and he
has to take care of their kids. is this true? thanks. Reba
A: No. Undertaker is just taking time off for some aching injuries. They didn't
want to go by the injury storyline. He'll be returning shortly.

June 10, 2008

Q: is that really jimmey kimmel on raw?
A: Yes.

June 9, 2008

Hey Kelly how are you. I have some questions for you:

1. Is the Undertaker retired and what is going on with him?
A: He's not retired. It's been confirmed that he'll already be returning during
the Australian tour
2. There is a rumor that John Cena is dating Mickie James, is that true?
A: Yes but they're not that serious at this point.
3. If John Cena is dating Mickie James, how long have they been dating?
;A: I'm not sure.
4. Who do you think will win at Night of Champions, Triple H or John Cena?
I'm really not to sure right now. Right now I could possibly see Cena winning
because Stephanie McMahon is dure to have her baby in July.
5. Is Randy Orton really injured or is he just taking a break b/c his wife is
expecting?Yes but he was going to take time off soon anyways.

is it true that john cena and mickie are datin and that is the reason for their
storyline or is this a rumor

A: It's just a storyline.
are or have you ever dated a wwe super star ?
A: No I haven't.
Kelly, I hear it was both Vince Mcmahon, and John Cena and Mickie James to do
this storyline, because they have something going on out of wrestling. Is this

Thanks, Scotty
Hey Scotty, It's just a storyline. They're not actually dating.
hello kelly,

i was just wondering if you would answer some questions,

1.Is Matt hardy and Ashley dating in real life??
A: They dated a few years ago but aren't anymore.
2.is Kelly Kelly and Jeff hardy dating in real life??
A: They never dated. Jeff has been dating his girlfriend for years and plans on
spending the rest of his life with her. *According to Matt Hardy on his myspace.
3.who is john Cena currently dating???
A: No.
4.will Candice Michelle ever win back the womens champion??
A: Possibly in the future, but her current injury could possibly even take her out of action, but I hope that she comes back.
5.When will john Cena win the Wwe champion??
A: Possibly at Night of Champions
6.what Wwe dive that is currently bad turn good??
A: Melina recently turned face.
and finally is Stephanie Mchahan and triple h married??
A: Yes.
thanks kelly from Sheryl-lee xx
is it true that john cena and mickie james are dating and that is why they have
this stroyline i going????? i hope this is just a rumor lol....thanks lisa
A: It's just a rumor.
is it true that john cena andmickie james are dating in real life and that vince
just put them too on raw because of it

A: It's just a rumor. They aren't dating.

Hey Kelly. Is HHH's real name Hunter Hemsly or Paul Levesque? Cause Steph's last
name is McMahon-Levesque but every1 calls him Hunter....which is it?
A: His last name is Paul Levesque.


1) is that really kurt angel's ex wife karen in tna?
A: yes
2) will mr macmahon really give the money away to the fans?
A: Yes. He's doing it to raise the Raw ratings

June 6, 2008

Q: kelly when will you get a title a diva as beautiful as your self diserves a
title match and who do you think will at night of champions john cena or tripleh

A: Sorry but I'm not the diva Kelly Kelly, but I'm guessing John Cena but only
because Stephanie McMahon is due in July.


May 28, 2008

Hey Kelly, will John Cena and Mickie James have a storyline together, because I
hope they do, but lately they haven't talked to each other backstage, they just
keep talking about how they went out a few weeks ago, I hope they continue the
storyline, and not just forget about it.&#8224;&#8224;&#8224; Thanks

A: I'm not exactly sure but if they do make it a storyline it probably won't be
anything major.

May 26, 2008

Q: do u no who will win the tlc match at 1 night stand ?

A: I don't know for sure but I think Edge will possibly win but I hope not.

Q: Is Cody Runnels/Rhodes single?
A: I'm pretty sure he is.

Hey Kelly...I have a myspace and was wondering if you had any advise on how to
tell if its the real superstar. I looked up one of my friends named
Carlito...and all that came up was WWE Carlito...there were tons of accounts
saying that "its the real carlito...or I spit in the faces of people who don't
want to be cool" and stuff that he says. How can we tell if its the real WWE

A: Lots of times if you add them and there's a picture of them holding a sign
that says the real myspace of _____ and usually it will show their URL with it
on the sign and sometimes will have a copyright over the pic.
Hey Kelly--thanks for answering my last question(s)...I go to this site called
wrestligepicenter.com/newsand it tells u A LOT about what's going on in WWE &
TNA. One thing it said was that on Aug. 31st there would be a 5 hour WWE event
where it was RAW, ECW and SmackDown...is that true cause my brother doesn't
believe me even though every single other thing on that site has been true.
Thanks Kelly!

A: I haven't read anything about this 5 hour long show but I don't think they'd
take up 5 hours for one show though.

Q: is mickie james and kenny dykstra still engaged or have they broke up, i haven
heard nothing bout them.

A: They've broken up since then.
Hey Kelly

Will Melina go face and if she does will Jillian go with her?

A: I think Melina is and possibly Jillian.

May 20, 2008

hi kelly have you got Skype of trish or Lita???
A: Sorry no I don't.


What ever happened to Sweet Stan Lane my mom knew him personally and i would
like to know? I know Jimmy Cornette is and Bobby Eaton was in the ICU not long
ago but i havent heard anything about Stan in a while please help me!

Missing ;Sweet Stan Lane,


A: He wrestles as an independent now, but technically he's retired but wrestles
in the independent circuit every now and then.

May 18, 2008

Hey Kelly! In your opinion, why would John Cena go heel? and are him and Mickie
really goin on or is that just a story line. I heard MVPs real name was Antonio
Banks...is that true....cause I also heard it was Alvin....THANX KELLY

A: In my opinion it's because he's played the good guy for such a long time now
and it's time for a change. If they do have a storyline together it won't be
that big of one. MVP's real name is Alvin Burke Jr.

Q: Do you know any sits where you can get completly FREE WWE theme song

A: Sorry I don't.

i've seen where their putting 12 Rounds (John Cena's new movie) directly to dvd,
is this true and why are they not putting it in theaters first? thanks for
always answerin :)

A: It's mostly probably because the last WWE movies haven't done that well in
the box office in the past.

May 17, 2008

Q: Hey my names Reba and if you were a diva what would your name be? mine would be

A: I really don't know what I would call myself. Obviously I couldn't use Kelly
if I was a diva right now because it's already taken.

May 14, 2008

Q: Is there gong to be a storyline with john cena and mickie james.? because on wwe
last night Monday night raw it seemed like they are gong tohave onewith them,.

A: I think they're might be one now because I hadn't watched the beginning of
Raw yet before I answered the first question sorry. But I think it'll just be a
short-lived storyline.
and are melina and beth friends on wwe anymore because last night on monday
night raw they kind of got in a fight.

A: I'm pretty sure they;re trying to turn Melina face.
Are trevour and lance still friends on wwe now as well?

A: No they're also turning Trevor Murdoch face and are separating their tag
team most likely.

Q: Who is the next world heavy weight championship?

Q: I'm not exactly sure but I hope they don't give it back to Edge.
is cm punk single?

A: I'm pretty sure yes.

Hey Kelly. I have a couple of questions for you:

1. The past 2 weeks John Cena wasn't on RAW, do you know why that was?
A: I'm not sure why he missed before that but he was on this past Monday night.

2. Is John Cena still single?
A: Yes.

3. Do you know if they are going to make a storyline for John Cena and Mickie
James? I hope not.

A: I'm pretty sure that they won't.
4. Why do they have the DIVAS play such ditsy roles? Except for Beth Phoneix.

A: I don't think all of them do I think it just has to do with the pushes that
they get by the WWE. I wouldn't consider Melina, Mickie James, Natalya, Michelle
McCool ditzyish but I think it's just because those are the ones they portray as
to be more dominant in the ring.

5. Do you think John Cena will be good at playing the heel role?

Do you think
that will make him lose some of his fans?
A: I think he will only because he's obviously used to a mixed reaction
already. It probably will lose some of his fans.

6. Do you think they will make Triple H lose the belt b/c Stephanie is expecting another baby soon?

A: He probably will lose it because of that, or he'll just not appear as much
for awhile.

7. Do you like the DIVAS now or the DIVA then? ( Chyna, Trish, Lita) I think the
old school DIVAs are way better than the DIVAS now.

A: I like the Divas from then like the 90s and early 00s probably because
that's what I grew up with them. Also I have to say the ones from then because
Lita and Trish are my favorite divas of al time.

8. How do you find out the wrestlers personal information? ( Like if they are
married or dating anyone)

A: I just research the internet and make sure it's a reliable source.

May 12, 2008

The live chat with Hulk Hogan has been cancelled due to personal reasons. The chat was to be on May 13th

hey kelly,

Why did they realese torrie wilson?
A: She's asked to be released because she was having terrible back problems.
What superstars and divas have a gf or bf in the wwe?

A: Lots of them do but I don't know all of the exact people that do.
what is randy ortons wife exspecting, a boy or a girl?

A: That hasn't been released yet.
and who will be the next champ after triple H do you think?
A: I'm really not sure but you can be sure that'll it'll be a top star.

HI Kelly who¢s your number one fave wrestler? And why?
Is John Cena Single?
Susie Q!<3
Hey Susie Q,
My number one favorite wrestler in the Undertaker. I'm not really sure why.

Probably because he's just awesome and a great wrestler and because he's been
around so long and I like his character.
And yes he is.

i have been reading that john cena turning heel...personally me i hope he does,
do you think he will and do you think it will help his standings with the
thanks for answering

A: I read that also. I think he will because he's been face for so long. It
probably will help because people got sick of him obviously but I think a change
in character would be good for him.

May 6, 2008

Hey Kelly

Is Barbie Blank dating anyone?
A: I don't know if theyre still dating but I have seen pictures of her and

Q: Are there any Australian wrestlers?

A: Not right not but I believe that there may be some in trainging though.

thanks for answering those questions

From Brandon And Ellen


Hey Kelly did you know that Torrie Wilson has been released?
A: Yes I did know that. It was because she asked to because of her back

yo i have a few questions for u
Q: what is the best match u have ever seen?

A: There are so many great matches that I can't pick. But it'd probably be a
match from when it wasnt so fake. So it'd probably be from the 90s to early 00s

Q: who do u think the best tag team in history was?

A: Well I love the Hardy Boyz!! Undertaker and Kane. DX. There are probably more

Q: and will undertaker win the title back??
A: Probably somehow.

May 5, 2008
Hey Kelly!!

1)Is John Cena really single?
A: Yes.
2)Is Cody Rhodes single?
A: I think so.
3)Are Michelle McCool and The Undertaker dating in real life?
A: I don't think so anymore, they could still be together.
4)Are Melina and Batista still together?
A: No. They broke up.
5)Do you know if all moves (WWE, TNA, ECW,...) in pro-wrestling (Superstars and
Divas) are fake or a little true?

A: Not all of them are completely fake but pretty much all of them have al
ittle fakeness in them.
Thank you so much Kelly!!
XOXO from Sophie!!!


hey Kelly

Q: I read JR's blog and it said Jeff Hardy's house caught fire and that is the
reason he is not wrestling but I also read that he go caught doing drugs and is
suspended for 6 months is that true?

A: He was suspended for breaking the Wellness Policy and got a 60 day
suspension. His house caught fire later that week that he was suspended.

i have read that melina and batista is no longer together, is this true, and if so do you know why?

A: Yes they're broken up. I'm not sure why though.

May 4, 2008

Q: i have read that melina and batista is no longer together, is this true, and if
so do you know why.

A: Yes they're broken up. I'm not sure why though.


Q: was Mickie James the girl who played as Hillary Clinton for the fight in the 3
hour event special???

A: No they just used her music.

Q: where can I find wwe Divas email addresses?

A: They don't release their emails to the fans but you can send some of them
fanmail on Myspace but I can't guarantee that they'll answer you. But be sure
that it is their REAL Myspace.

Whats Up Kelly I just had 1 question 4 u

Q: Is Shawn Michaels and Bret Michaels brothers?

Thanx Lizzie B

A: Hey Lizzie B,
No they are not related. Shawn Michaels last name is Hickenbottom in real life
and Michael is his first name, and Shawn his middle name.

Q: is eve torres single???
what wwe superstars have a bebo???
thanx Kelly
from shyra

A: yes she is. and No I don't think so.

April 28, 2008

Q: is eve torres single???
what wwe superstars have a bebo???
thanx Kelly
from shyra

A: yes she is. and No I don't think so.

April 20, 2008

Q: i am a fan of maria, but the only time she wins matches is when she's in a tag
team, do you have any guesses why and do you think she'll ever win one by
herself or even win the championship? thanks

A: My guess is probably because of storyline reasons. And yes she will win by
herself, and for winning the championship probably not any time soon but
possibly in the future at some point.

April 17, 2008

Hi Kelly,

Q: Is Cody Rhodes single?

A: Yes, I'm pretty sure he is.

April 14, 2008

Is MVP married?
Does he have any children?


A: I don't think he is married or has any children.

April 2, 2008

Hey Kelly I had couple of questions for you:

1. Did Ric Flair really retire or was that just a storyline?
A: He really retired.
2. How long do you think that the Undertake will keep the belt?
A: I'm honestly not sure but I hope longer than what he kept it for last time.
3. I heard a rumor that the Undertaker was suppose to retire is that true?
A: I heard that rumor and he could retire any time from now because of how long
he's been in the business and him being in his 40s but I he's still in really
great shape, at least it looks like it on tv, and as other wrestlers have shown
that they are able to wrestle into their late fifties. So I hope he won't retire
because he's awesome and is a legend.
4. When will Randy Orton lose his belt?
A: Possibly at Judgment Day.
5. What match at wrestlemania did you like the most? Which did you dislike?
A: My favorite was either Money in the Bank (only because Matt Hardy made his
return in the match) otherwise I wanted Jericho to win that match because I don't really like CM Punk. I also liked the Shawn Michaels/ Ric Flair match
especially because they made Flair's last match a good one. I didn't like the
Big Show/ Floyd Mayweather because it wasn't that great of a match. I also
thought the Batista/ Umaga match wasn't that great.
6. Is John Cena single?
A: Yes
7. Why do you think that Ric Flair wanted to fight Shawn Michaels for his
reitrement match?
A: They probably thought it would be a great match for WrestleMania but I'm not
exactly sure on the reasoning behind it.

March 31, 2008

Hey Kelly!
What up? When is Matt Hardy coming back from his injury?
A: I'm honestly not to sure because I've heard rumors that he was supposed to
return to television a few weeks ago but obviously that never happened.
Hopefully soon. It is a possibility he'll make an appearance at WrestleMania but
I'm not sure. If not, he should be returning some time soon after WrestleMania.

March 26, 2008


Thank you for answering my last email. Another question:

Q: Who is dating who in WWE?

Does this make it difficult on their working relationship?

Love the website

A: I know Melina and Batista are dating. Undertaker and Michelle McCool but there
is a rumor that they split up so I'm not sure about them anymore. I'm guessing
it probably makes some of their relationship hard. It's probably easier if
they're traveling together on the same brand too.


March 24, 2008

Hey Kelly how are you? I have some questions for you.

1. I read online that Stephanie was upset b.c they were making the
mayweather/big show fight a big deal when it should have been all about the
undertaker is that true?
A: Possibly mainly because most likely this is Undertaker's last year in the
business, but in a way if you think about it, it makes sense because Floyd
Mayweather causes big controversy and brings a lot of money into the company
2. Is John Cena mother alive, b/c i watched his DVD and his mother was never
mentioned or see in a interview?
A: Yes.
3. Is John Cena still single? Does he have any nieces or nephews?
A: Yes. I'm not sure about that. Sorry.
4. Do you think that Triple H will win at wrestlemania even though Stephanie is
expected to have her baby sometime in the summer?
A: Yes.
5. Is the undertaker going to retire after wrestlemania?
A: I'm pretty sure yes.
6. Is Ric Flair going to retire after wrestlemania?
A: I'm not exactly sure when he's going to retire but it'll probably be sometime soon.
7. Why did JBL start back wrestling again?
A: It was mainly just to put a change in his carreer again and in my opinion
I'm kind of glad he isn't a color commentator anymore because I think he's
annoying but I hate watchin him wrestle too.



I noticed a blog that Undertaker and Michelle McCool are not dating anymore? Is
it True?

Also, Will she be moved to RAW?


Hey Vince! I haven't heard about them recently. Sorry. And I don't think she'll
be moving to Raw because she's (in my opinion) the most popular diva on
SmackDown so I think they'll keep her there for a while still.


Hi, I have a few questions for you...

1) Why was Cody Rhodes in the match with the other rosters against Cena and
Orton? Isn't he supposed to be a face? Why was he also walking down to the ring
with the other superstars when Big Show said that these were the rosters that
hated Mayweather?
A: Since Cody Rhodes isn't a super popular star it won't really affect him like
that. Plus it's another person to add the numbers with the Big Show and he's on
the Raw roster so that's why he faced Cena and Orton on Raw.
2) Is any WWE superstars going to TNA?
A: There is a possibility of Lashley possibly going there but that's all that
I've heard lately.
3) Is any TNA wrestlers going to the WWE?
A: Ron Killings should appear sometime soon.
4) Do the WWE really care about the votes from the fans sent in for the Diva
thing in Smack Down! or do they just plan out who to be eliminated? (Michelle
McCool looks weak and ugly but she always win)
A: At first I thought it was going to be set up and the final two be Michelle McCool and Victoria but not Victoria was voted off so I'm not
really sure anymore.
5) Has Floyd Mayweather ever been on Dancing With The Stars?
A: Yes.
6) Why do all of the superstar's theme song seems like they're the one singing
it? E.g. Kane, Edge, Randy, HHH, etc.
A: Well, none of the people that you named sing their own theme song. On the
other hand, Shawn Michaels and John Cena do their own theme music.
7) Why did the WWE want to make Santino a heel?
A: I think so that they could go along and make a storyline out of Maria's
Playboy magazine.
8) Is Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP) really his name or initials?
A: His real name is Alvin Burke Jr.
9) 3/21/08 did your T.V. went really bad when Y2J and MVP were talking and
alittle after that?
A: No it didn't.
10) Is The Rock or Stone Cold being inducted in the HAll of Fame?
A: No. The Rock is an inductor this year though.

Thanks a lot.



Along time ago, was the Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson storyline real? If there
was some real part, please tell me.

Did Al (Torrie's father) really died of a heart attack because of the storyline
and what he did with Dawn Marie?


A: That whole entire storyline was just a storyline, not real.

hi Kelly

Q.what happened to the Australian wrestler Nathan Jones?

A: I'm really not sure. Sorry.

Q.is wwe looking for another Australian?

A: It doesn't really matter, just as long as the person is a talented wrester.

Q.will the smackdown/ecw live tour in Australia go out on DVD?

A: No.

Q.what happened to the boogey man after he was injured by big daddy V?

A: WWE is planning to use him on a non-regular basis because his gimmick grows

old pretty quickly and they'll most likely be moving him to Smackdown soon.

do you like Australia?

A: I've always thought it'd be cool to go to Australia.




March 16, 2008


Well I have two question

Who will win the the wwe title at wrestlemania?
A: Most likely Triple H

How do you feel about Jeff Hardy getting suspended again?
A: I'm kind of disappointed because I wanted to see him to well at WrestleMania
this year.
Who is the strongest wwe superstar?
A: Mark Henry
who is the weakest wwe superstar?
A: That's kind of hard to determine. Sorry.
who is the strongest wwe diva?
A: Beth Phoenix
who is the weakest wwe diva?
A: This one is also hard to determine.
who do you think will win the triple threat?
A: Triple H.

Hey Kelly it's bre! I have a few questions 4 u.

1. Did u hear that Jeff Hardy got suspended for 60 Days for his 2nd drug
A: Unfortunately yes.
2. Did Torrie Wilson quit the WWE?
A: No she's taking some time off due to a minor back injury.
3. Has Beth Phoneix ever beened pinned down and not by a roll up?
A: I don't think so, at least not on tv.
4.Since Jeff Is suspended will he be able to compete in the Money In The Bank
Ladder Match. And if he does will they purposly make him lose?
A: No he will not compete. His suspension is also why they told Christ Jericho
that he was the win the Intercontinental Championship on Monday.
5.I think Ashley is sort of a joke, not to be mean r anything but she sort of
is. Do u agree?
A: I do agree with you.
Thanks Bre

i found out alot on this site and i am very glade that you do this. so i thank
you for taking to time to do this. my question is what made you or why did you
decide to do something like this? Thanks Alisha A: First of all, I'd like to
thank you for being a fan of the page. One of the main reasons I decided I
wanted to do this was that I have such a great interest in wrestling and the
wrestlers. It also helps me stay up to date with everything that goes on off
cameras too. Thanks for the question Alisha.

Is it true that Jeff hardy got suspended for 60 days after failing a drug test
on tuesday?
(please i hope not jeff is so cool and hott!!!)
If Jeff is suspended he will lose his wrestlemania 24 money in the bank spot
and how would they announce he is not going to be in the match?
Who will take Jeffs spot at wrestlemania if he is suspended?
When is Matt Hardy returning because i miss him heaps?
Where can i find pics of wwe superstars houses?
Thanks heaps Kelly from Jess :)
A: Yes, unfortunately it is true. Jeff Hardy is suspended. He will not be able
to be apart of WrestleMania. I'm not exactly sure how they're going to take him
out of the match. They will possibly just let it go unnoticed. I'm really not
sure who's going to take his spot. He should be appearing on tv pretty soon. You
can do some image searches on google or yahoo or other search engines and you'll
possibly find some.

hey kelly

i got a few questions

1 why isn't ashley massaro on raw a whole lot?
A: There is possibility that she might be released some time soon.
2 is HBK retireing ric at wrestlemania 24?
A: I'm honestly not sure but part of me says no.
3 does john cena have a baby girl?
A: No.
4 isn't randy orton's wife expecting?
A: Yes.
5 when will rey mysterio come back?
A: Not for a while.
thanks for answering

hey kelly,

Did John Cena ever take Steriods?
A: I don't think so.
Do you know who will win the Divas Swim Contest for the moterycle that they had
on friday night smackdown March 7?
A: Michelle McCool.
What is fake in the wwe?
A: Usually when they use weapons, some of the wrestling moves too. Storylines.
And what is real in the wwe?
A: Usually injuries are real. Some of the moves are real though.
Who dident take Sterioids in wwe?
A: Sorry but I'm exactly sure of the exact people.
WHo is the strongest wwe superstar and diva?
A: Mark Henry and Beth Phoenix
And who is the weakest wwe superstar and diva?
A: I'm not exactly sure. Sorry.
Last but not least who do you think will win the triple threat at wrestlemania
A: Triple H.


March 9, 2008

Q: i was on you tube and i seen a video of john proposing to liz, however at the
beginning and the end it says he broke it off. but i have read that he hasn and
that the interview he had done he just lied bout it. some say he has, some say
they are getting married. i dont know what to believe anymore can you please
help me kelly thanks nicole



Do you know why he wears that black arm band?

A: Most likely because of his arm
injury that he recently recovered from.

Q: I heard a rumor on the internet that Ashley Massaro was getting released, is
it true?
A: I'm not exactly sure but it could possibly make sense because you never
really see her on tv anymore.

Q: I also heard another rumor that the only reason why Michelle McCool is
getting a push in the WWE is because she's going out with the Undertaker, is it
A: That is also possible but I don't think it's that great of a push though. At
least it doesn't seem like it to me.

March 3, 2008

Hey Everyone,
I just want everyone to know that I'm not Kelly Kelly in the WWE. I'm just a
regular girl and I don't know any wrestlers either.

Thank you,

March 2, 2008

Q: Who is Hornswoggle real dad?
A: There's not any information on his real parents. I just know that it's
obviously not Vince McMahon.

Q: How old is Hornswoggle?
A: He's 21 years old.

Q: HOw old is Hornswoggle's dad?
A: Again, I couldn't find any information on his dad.

Q: Will any tna wrestler come to wwe?
A: Ron Killings will be coming to WWE. I'm not sure of any others right now

Q: What's vince mcmahon real name?
A: Vincent Kennedy McMahon

March 1, 2008


Can the wrestlers listen to what JR and King have to say?
A: No, not unless they say something loudly.
Is Mr. McMahon on the Celebrities Apprentice?
A: He made some guest appearances on the show.
Do JR and King have something to read off of so they know what to say?
A: they basically just go off of what happens in the ring.
Who would win: John Cena, Randy Orton or HHH?
A: Probably Triple H.
Do WWE make wrestlers take random drug testing to see if they use steroids?
A: yes.
Which wrestlers you know take steroids?
A: Right now no one is out on steroid use.
Why do TNA copy WWE storylines?
A: My guess is so they can attempt to do the storyline better than WWE.
Which wreslers have kept their theme song the longest?
A: Shawn Michaels has had his a long time, before Jeff Hardy changed his he had
his for about 10 years. I'm not sure on who it exactly is though.

Thx for answering

Q: Who is stronger Batista or Brock lesnar?
A: My guess is Brock Lesnar.

Q: Who is torrie Wilson dating currently?
A: Nick Mitchell who is a former Spirit Squad member.


hey kelly,

Do you know if randy orton wife is having a boy or a girl yet?
A: Sorry I don't know yet.
And also what is stephanie having a boy or a girl?
A: She's having another girl
Was paul burchill a pirate on smackdown before becuase i think i heard that name
on smackdown before.
A: Yes.
Who is winning the wwe champion next?
A: Most likely Triple H.
who is winning the womens champ belt next?
A: I'm hoping for either Candice or Mickie, possibly Melina too.


February 24, 2008
1) how old is Shannon Moore?
A: He's 28 years old.
2) did u know that back in the WCW Shannon Moore Gregory Helms and Shane Helms
were called the 3 count??
A: Gregory Helms and Shane Helms are the same person. The other person was Evan
Karagias. So yes I did know that.
3) What happened to Vito he rocked!!
A: He was released from WWE.
4) Why don't they tell you if a superstar is going to quit.
A: Usually they just say they got released or let them leave through a
storyline. Usually it's because they had a type of problem in the business which
is why unless it's a retirement. The only somewhat-recent quitting I can think
of that they let us know whas when Kurt Angle switched to TNA but they left out
that he was switching businesses.
5) is there going to be a storyline soon with any of the divas and wrestlers??
A: I'm not sure right now only because they seem to have ended storylines
related to that pretty quickly lately.
Thanks Bre
Thanks for the questions Bre.

HEY KELY WHEN will batista win championship (world heavyweight)
A: He won't win the Championship for a while. Undertaker will most likely win
the next World Heavyweight Champion.

Hey Kelly I was some questions for you,

Q: When Hornswoggle was being beat by JBL, was his injury real or just
A: It's just a storyline.
Q: Where did you find out that Michelle McCool and Undertaker were dating?
A: I'm not sure exactly what site it was but it was a wrestling website.
Q: Do you like Ashley??
A: Not really. I think that she's overrated when they put her in matches
because I dont think she's as good as people make her up to be.

Q: How do you know for sure if a WWE wrestler is real on websites like bebo or
A: Usually they have a list of real wrestlers that have myspaces on them. It's
pretty difficult to tell though.

February 21, 2008

hi kelly i have a few questions 4 u
Q: is stephanies baby a boy or a girl???
where can i find photos of undertaker and michelle mccool together???
from cammie

Hey Cammie,
It's not really known yet what it is going to be.
Your best bet is probably to do a google image search.
1).I'm 12 and a girl and some of my friends think i'n weird because i like
wrestling. is there a certain way i can handle all of my friends talk instead of
saying "shut up"?
2). How old is John Morrison?
3). Do u think John Morrison is cute?
4).Is That Katie Lea girl and Paul Burchill really brither and sister?


1. You could just tell them to respect your decision to watch and like
wrestling. You could also just ignore them.
2. He's 28 years old.
3. Not really.
4. No.

Q: What is the gender of Stephanie McMahon's baby?
A: She's going to have a baby girl.

February 19, 2008

Hey Kelly,
I have a few questions for you.

Will Triple H and Randy orton be away at Summerslam because thier wives are
A: It's possible but my guess is no. Well at least not both of them.
Have Randy and his wife found out if their child is a boy or a girl?
A: It's possible that they know but if they do it's not released yet.
Do you know when Candice will be returning?
A: Anytime within now and the next month for sure. She's already made her
return just not her onscreen return.
if so when?
A: I just answered that above.
How long is Randy orton going to keep his belt?
A: Probably until WrestleMania.
Is melina still dating Batista and how did they hook up in the first place?
A: I'm really not sure if they still are. And I'm sure they just got to know
each other in the business and eventually started dating.

February 18, 2008

I made a mistake when I said that Floyd Mayweather and Big Show weren't going to
fight at WrestleMania. If they are it is most likely going to be Floyd
Mayweather and Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show and Shane McMahon. Even though Mysterio
is injured he wants to still be involved in this at WrestleMania.


This is something a fan sent to me that I thought I'd post
i just thought this would be an interesting thing for you to post if you wanted
to, on other websites, i have found an article with john cena speaking to Sky
Sports in Italy that he and liz broke it off and that their relationship fell
apart before he got injured and that he is single once again. i thought it was
very interesting and it clears up alot of confussion. Lish Search News:

Hey kelly,

Did Maria join PLBY or did she stay with Santino?
A: Playboy
Since CM PUNK and maria broke up is CM PUNK dating anyone now?
A: I don't think so.
Who is beth most likely to lose her title to?
A: There's been talk about it being Ashley but if you think about it Beth could
beat Ashley any time any day. I think it would make more sense to be Mickie
James or Melina.
is john cena going to win the belt at NO WAY OUT or at Wrestlemania or neither?
A: No he didn't win at No Way Out and it'll be Triple H fighting for the WWE
Championship at WrestleMania.
And whats going to happen with Randy when he has his first child?
A: He'll probably take some time off to be home with his wife and his baby.

Q: Do you think WWE will indute Chris Benoit into the Hall of Fame?
I Hope so

A: No and I don't think they ever will because of what he did. WWE has erased
all memory of Chris Benoit from their website that they could so no they wont.


A: Unfortunately I didn't get to get No Way Out so I can't really comment on
some things.
A: Probably not but it's possible.
A: Again I didn't see it.
A: Yes because WrestleMania is on March 30th and the baby's not due until July.
A: Most likely at WrestleMania.
A: Yes.


Hey Kelly I have some questions

1. On No Way Out was the Big Show and Floyd Mayweather part of the script or
A: Yes.

February 16, 2008

Q: Hey Kelly

first i love this site i find so many answers to questions that i have. First,
do you know when CM Punk and Maria broke up and is jeff and beth getting
married, i have read it but it has been a long time and nothing has came out
bout it and too bout john cena that question has been on my mind and you have
answered it for me by others but how do you ever know wat you look up is true
because there's a lot of rumors sites and i dont know what sites to believe in
but let me say this i dont believe you would put anythin wrong or rumors answer
as soon as you can thank you bunches Search the Web:
john cena

Search NewsA: They broke up in June 2007.
2. Matt Hardy posted on his myspace blog a while ago, "They're not married in
the "traditional" sense, but I think they executed some sort of personal
"marriage" of their own."
3. John Cena isn't engaged. Lots of what people have been hearing lately has
come from a few years ago and it's come back as rumor.

Q: is john morrison dating melina still in real life ? do u think miz is hot ?

A: No. and No.

John Cena Is Getting Married to Maria Kanellis. He Posted It on His blog on
Bebo. He Asked her to marry him when they were in Japan
A: John Cena doesn't have a Bebo or Myspace or Facebook or any of that. Anything
you see on the internet that says they are him is FAKE. And he's not dating
Maria or engaged to her.

February 15, 2008

Hey Kelly

first i love this site i find so many answers to questions that i have. First,
do you know when CM Punk and Maria broke up and is jeff and beth getting
married, i have read it but it has been a long time and nothing has came out
bout it and too bout john cena that question has been on my mind and you have
answered it for me by others but how do you ever know wat you look up is true
because there's a lot of rumors sites and i dont know what sites to believe in
but let me say this i dont believe you would put anythin wrong or rumors answer
as soon as you can thank you bunches Search the Web:
john cena

Search NewsA: They broke up in June 2007.
2. Matt Hardy posted on his myspace blog a while ago, "They're not married in
the "traditional" sense, but I think they executed some sort of personal
"marriage" of their own."
3. John Cena isn't engaged. Lots of what people have been hearing lately has
come from a few years ago and it's come back as rumor.

February 12, 2008

Hey everyone,
I realized I made a mistake when I said Stephanie McMahon wasn't pregnant again.
She is expecting another baby and is expected to be due in July.


Hey kelly,
I have a few questions

Do you like John Cena?
A: I think he has a great talent for wrestling and I think he's hot but I do get
sick of him after a while because his place in the WWE gets almost too
Is so how much and do you think hes hot?
A: As I said before I do.

Thank you.

February 10, 2008

hey kelly,

Q: what is shawn michaels kids names?
Cameron Kade and Cheyenne Michelle

Q: what superstar do you hate?
and what diva do you hate?
Beth Phoenix

Q: also do you like lita and Trish?
Yes and Yes

February 8, 2008

Hey Kelly
1) how many wrestlers have there been total in the wwe??
A: Honestly I can't really find that because that goes back a long time in
history so really there isn't a number I can give you. Sorry but there have
obviously been A LOT!
2) do u like TNA?
A: No. I don't watch it.
3) if u could get a chance to interview anyone in the wwe who would it be???
A: Jeff Hardy
4) do u think Kelly Kelly dresses a little bad for TV??
A: Personally I don't think it's that different from any other diva because
they dont have her doing the expose any more. And no again because I think that
people should just expect that from any WWE diva.
5) what is triple H's daughters name?
A: Aurora Rose

hey kelly,

is wwe ever going to come to windsor ontario?
If so when?
A: No, but they are going to Toronto, Ontario on May 5th.
Is there going to be another fan axxestour in windsor and if yes when and what
superstars are coming?
A: It's not a fan access tour
Who is your favourite superstar and why?
A: Jeff Hardy because he's hott!! and I just feel that he's really athletic and
deserves where he is in WWE at this point. I also love the aerial moves he does
in the ring.
who is your favourite diva and why?
A: Candice Michelle. Probably because she's really stepped up in the company
and showed she can compete with anyone in the WWE.
and what is your favourite RAW, SMACKDOWN, or ECW?
A: Raw by far. I think it has the best action of all the shows and in my
opinion SmackDown and especially ECW is pretty boring.
Thank you.

1.Q.is Duece really cherry's girlfreind out side of the WWE?
A: No.
and is Domino really Cherry's sister
A: No.
2.Q.Are WWE championships just replica belts?
A: No. Those are the real ones.
3.Q.When will the WWE next come to AUSTRALIA!!!!!!
A: There are no scheduled shows for Australia at the moment.
4.Q.IS there going to be another AUSTRALIAN wrestler again...?
A: Possibly but I'm not exactly sure.
Q.5.Q.Who is your favorite wrestler...
A: Jeff Hardy
6.Q.Why did vickie guerrero take over theadore long as G.M.
A: I'm really not exactly sure. I think it was because when he had a "medical
problem" at his "wedding" and then she took over for him so now he's the
assistant GM but I'm really not sure why though.

February 6, 2008

hey kelly

Q: what are y2j childrens names???
A: His son's name is Ash Edward Irvine and his twin daughters' names are Cheyenne Lee Irvine and Sierra Lorreta Irvine.

Q: i saw this pic on a video where jeff hardy and his girlfriend beth where feeding a baby is it jeff and beths baby???
A: No. I think I've seen that picture but no it's not their birthday. Jeff doesn't have any and kids and I'm pretty sure that Beth doesn't have any either.
thanx from curious angel

hey kelly,

is Triple H and Stephanie mcMahon excpecting a second child?
A: No.

Q: are john cena and cm punk friends outside of wwe?
A: Most likely yes.

Q; How do you know all this information about wwe?
A: I research most of it.

Q: when a wrestler gets hurt is there injury fake or real?
A: Usually it's real but some of them are fake injuries either because they need to be off for the night or it could also be apart of a storyline. They also might fake one because of a suspension or something like that.

Q: 1. John Cena is back will he be wrestling every night?
Hey Carly,
My guess is that they won't have him wrestle as many matches off of tv and house shows so they don't have to risk his injury or anything damaging to it. So I wouldn't say every night but I would say he'd be doing a lot of matches though only so that customers are satisfied but I'm not exactly sure.

A: Raw is always live and ECW is usually prerecorded.
Thanks for the questions Tina

February 4, 2008

Q: Hey Kelly i have a few questions for you.
1. When will the wwe hit Pittsburgh again?
A: As of right now there are now schedules shows for Pittsburgh or anywhere else in Pennsylvania at this point.
2.I've been hearing this alot but i'm still having a hard time believing it, but is it true that Michelle Mcool and The Undertaker are going out?
A: yes.
3.Is the Undertaker's real name Mark Calaway?
A: Yes.
4.Who is the next person to turn into a bad guy? You know like Chavo. He was good now he's bad. :(
A: I'm really not sure. I know that Triple H was wanting to become heel for a while but I don't think they'll have him do that or at least not for a while.
5.R U as crushed as i am about Jeff (super hott) Hardy having a girlfriend!?!?!
A: I'm not as crushed by that because I know that it's nothing I can control.
Thanks for answering my questions!!

Q: Hey Kelly How Do You Find out everything u answer??
And Do u personaly know any wrestler or are related to any?
A: I find out stuff by either stuff that I just know already or I research it on the internet.
A: No I'm not. I wish though.

hey kelly,

Where do the wwe superstars go after they leave Raw, Smackdown or ECW?
A: Unless they're near there home they usually stay at a hotel.
Have any superstars or divas cheated on each other?
A: I don't know of any recent one but the most recent one I can think of the Edge/Lita/Matt Hardy thing where Lita cheated on Matt Hardy with Edge.
When did michelle and Undertaker start dating?
A: I'm really not sure.
Whitch divas dont have boob jobs?
A: Kelly Kelly, Lilian Garcia, and Maria. I'm not sure about Eve.
Does Randy wife having a boy or a girl?
A: They don't know yet.
Are any wwe superstars friends with any other wwe superstarts?
and if so who?
A: Pretty much they're all friends but theyre just better friends with certain people more than others.

Thanks Kelly for your help on those questions. I have only one more.

Q: That page that is supposed to be for John cena on myspace there is a picture of him with a sign with that url on it? So is that fake because Edge, Matt hardy, and Shannon Moores page has a picture holding up their url so I dont know what to believe. Please help.
A: Most likely that was taken off of John Cena's old myspace that he doesn't use anymore. John Cena does NOT have a myspace.

hey kelly,

When is Candice Michelle coming back?
A: Some time this month. Her return was delayed because she hasn't fully healed and it's going slower than expected.
How long is beth pheinox going to keep her belt?
A: Most likely until WrestleMania24.
And when she loses it who will be the next wwe womans champ?
A: There was a talk about Ashley but I don't think that's really possible for her to do that in a match up unless Ashley has some help. But plans are possible to change and not be Ashley winning it at WrestleMania.
How long has randy ortons wife been pregnant?
A: About 1 month and a little over a week.
And also will john cena win the wwe champ belt at no way out or wrestlemania?
A: Most likely at No Way Out or sometime before WrestleMania24.

Thanks for the questions Ashley!

Hey Kelly I have a few questions Please help

1. There is this Jazlyn girl on myspace who says she is john cenas girlfriend is that true? Because she is his number 1 friend. That leads to my second question Does john cena have a myspace??
A: No. John Cena's single. And John Cena doesn't even have a myspace.
3. How do you know all this information?
A: I research the majority of it.
4. There are pics of John Cena proposing to some girl recently if he is single whats up with that??
A: They're most likely from a while ago. It's not recent.

February 3, 2008


r there gonna be anymore bra and pantie matches on raw or smackdown
or even ecw? and is bigshow really coming back ? i hope so

A: There probably be more of those matches some time in the future but they don't have as many of them now like they used to because lately they've been focusing more on the competitive edge of the divas.
There has been talk of Big Show signing with WWE again and a few shows ago he was backstage but they didn't show it on tv.

Q: is michelle seriously dating the undertaker?
A: Yes.
Q: who will win the elimination chamber match at no way out?
A: Most likely Triple H.
Q: which wwe superstars have children?
A: Charlie Haas, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Chris Jericho, Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Vince McMahon, Randy Orton and his wife are expecting their first child, Rory McAllister and his wife are expecting their first child also, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Super Crazy, Triple H, Val Venis, William Regal, Batista, Chavo Guerrero, Chuck Palumbo, Dave Taylor, Finlay, Funaki, Kane, Mark Henry, Rey Mysterio, Ric Flair, Undertaker, Vickie Guerrero, Balls Mahoney, Joey Styles, Kevin Thorn, Tazz, and Tommy Dreamer

ps i am sooooo happy john cena is back he is really really hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
from mrs cena

February 1, 2007
Hey Kelly,

Q: Will there ever be a storyline with john cena and any of the divas?
A: Sometime in the future there will be.

Q: Is Maria really stupid?
A: No. They just use is as a storyline but they haven't really used that for a while.
Q: Is Edge really dating Vikki Guerrero in real life?
A: No. That also is just for a storyline.

And Also what other superstars are dating divas?

A: I'm not sure if Meline is still dating Batista. Michelle McCool is dating Undertaker. Torrie is dating a former Spirit Squad member.
Thank you TatS and Britt

January 30, 2008
Hey kelly

Do you think WWE will fake and injury or som ething when when orton has his baby?

Are dx back together?

Do you think Cena will win the belt at No way out ?cause im sick of him being champ.

Hey Ash,
A: They'll possibly do that or just say that he has the night or the next couple of weeks off to prepare for a match or something.
A: They're not back together. That was just a one night thing.
A: I don't think that he'll be winning at No Way Out.

January 29, 2008

Q: i saw that john cena came back.
are you happy and it said that he was going to be off for 8 to 12 months what happened?
and also i saw john cena getting engaged with his gf im pretty sure its true because i saw him perposing.

A: Yes. He did last night at the Royal Rumble.
I kind of wished that it would've been a little later because I think that people are still kind of sick of him and I think that if he would've been gone a little longer, he wouldn't have as many people saying "you suck" and stuff like that.
No he is not engaged. He's not even dating anyone.

January 28, 2008

Hey Kelly. How are you. I have some questions for you:

1. I thought John Cena wasn't suppose to be back till October?
A: It was originally supposed to be his return in April at the earliest. My guess is that his recovery went by well.
2. Since John Cena won thr royal rumble, do you think that Randy Orton wil lose his belt at Wrestlemania
A: Just because he won the Royal Rumble doesn't mean that he'll be picking the WWE Championship to go after. He possibly could be going after the World Heavyweight Championship. I don't think it will be the ECW Championship.
3. Do you think there will be a storyline with John Cena and Triple H?
A: Probably sometime in the future.
4. Why did Bobby Lashley decide to go to MMA?
A: I really don't know why. I just think that that's what he wanted to start a career in.
5. Is John Cena single?
A: Yes.
6. Hornswagle was never elimated, so how did John Cena win the Royal Rumble?
A: It was probably just because Finlay escorted him away.

January 26, 2008

Q: Is Michele McCool's injury real or fake?
A: It's fake. It's just to go with the storyline with Chuck Palumbo


A: He is making a new movie. I haven't heard the title of it though but I think that might be what its called.
A: I haven't heard anything about if he's moving or not.

Q" Is it True That Bobby Lashley has left WWE?
A: Yes. He is going to start a career in MMA.

Q: When Will Candice Return?
A: Any time within the next month.

Q: Do you know John Cena's ex-gf Liz? I heard she has a myspace and i was just wondering if you knew what it was?

A: No I don't know her and I don't know what her myspace is either. Sorry.

January 24, 2008

Q: Is it true that Ashley Massaro has a daughter?
A: No.

January 23, 2008

Is it true that jeff hardy is having problems with is gf Beth because she is being misstreated by his fans (i hope so..)
A: Not that I've heard of. My guess is that (assuming there isn't a problem) people are probably jealous that she's dating him which i cant really blame them because he's HOTT!!!

Q: does john cena live in west newbury massachusetts?
A: No. He lives in Tampa Bay, FL

January 21, 2008


A: I pretty sure no. Maybe a couple of them but I don't think so.

January 18, 2008

Q: i read that cena is getting married to his gf liz...they were engaged in
sept 2007 and i also saw pics of him proposing to her..is that true r r
those pics from their engaement years ago...plz answer me as soon as
possible..thank you kelly.
A: It's not true. He's not getting married.

Hey Kelly how's it goin. I have a couple of questions for you

1. Was John Cena ever in the United States Marine Corp?
A: No.
2. Who do you think Randy Orton will lose to title to?
A: Probably Triple H but I'm hoping Jeff Hardy but I don't think that will happen.
3. When is Bobby Lashley returning?
A: Most likely at the Royal Rumble.
4. How long do you think Beth is going to keep the Women's title.
A: There's been talk of her holding it until WrestleMania24
5. Which of the Diva's are married?
A: Beth Phoenix and I think Candice Michelle,
6. How old is HHH, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair?
A: Triple H is 38, Shawn Michaels is 42, and Ric Flair 58 and will be turning 59 on February 25th.
7. Do you think Chyna will ever come back to wrestle?
A: No.

A: No.
A: No.
A: Yes.
A: I don't know any information about her.


January 15, 2008

Hi I have a question for you.

1. I read on the internet where John Cena is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Liz, is that true?

A: He's not even dating anyone right now so thats not true. Right now he's single.

is john cena engaged?
A: No. He's single.

January 14, 2008

Q: wat is candices real name and when will she be returning?

A: Her real name is Candice Michelle Beckman-Ehrlich and she'll be returning sometime in February.

Q: does jonn cena still live with his dad and mom
A: No he does not.

January 13, 2008


1) Who is Randy Orton married to?
A: Her name is Samantha.
2) Was the Raw Roulette planned so it would hit a certain match so the superstars already knew?
A: Kind of. That's why they didn't show all the of spins so that they could add in the cage match and other matches also.
3) Who do you think will win the Royal Rumble?
A: There has been talk of Batista winning the Royal Rumble this year but I don't want him to.
4) Who's the youngest diva?
A: Kelly Kelly.
5) Who's Raw's general manager?
A: William Regal

A: I think Kelly Kelly might be dating someone but I don't think CM Punk is dating anyone because him and Maria broke up.

January 12, 2008

Q: When will the UnderTaker retire?
A: Most likely after WrestleMania 24.

Q: When Will Ric Flair retire?
A: Honestly I'm not sure but I think they're probably going to keep him winning for a while.
Are Randy Orton and His Wife expecting thier first child?
A: Yes they are.

January 10, 2008

Q; how tall is really ray mysterio?
A: Rey Mysterio is 5'6" tall.

January 9, 2008

Q: Are John Cena and Barbie Blank Dating?
A: No they are not.

Q: When is bobby Lashley returning?
A: Most likely at the Royal Rumble.

Q: Are Maria and Adam "Edge" Copeland Dating?
A: No.

Thanks for answering my questions

Q: wat is the name of all of john cena's brothers?
A: His brothers are Dan, Steve, Sean, and Matt.

January 8, 2008

Q: what is the song name behind the y2j save us promo 222


A: Hey Mark,
His song is called Break Down the Walls

January 7, 2008

Q: Are John Cena and Maria Dating?
A: No.

Q: Is John Cena coming back at the Royal Rumble?
A: No. He won't be healed by then. He'll come back anytime from May-October but at the earliest would probably return in April just as an appearance but I'm not sure. He might not return until he's cleared to return to the ring though. It's been going around that John Cena will be making an appearance on Raw tonight.

Q: When Is Candice Returning?
A: She'll be returning anytime around mid to late February.

1. How does John Cena get around the states every night?
2. Do John Cena smoke or drink alcohol?
3. Do John Cean's brothers have any kids?

Hey Deirdre,
A: Usually he drives in a car. Some people drive in pairs but I think he might drive by himself.
A: He doesn't smoke but he does drink alcohol.
A: Really I'm not sure because not to much info gets out on his brothers.

Hi Kelly, I have some questions for you.

1. Are Batista and Melina still together?
A: Yes. I am pretty sure that they still are.
2. How long is the Vicki and Edge storyline going to last?
A: Honestly I'm not sure. Probably a little longer but I hope it ends soon because I don't really like that storyline.
3. Is it true that Randy Orton's wife is expecting?
A: Yes she is pregnant.
4. If it is true that Randy Orton's wife is expecting, do you think he will lose the belt so he can be with his wife?
A: Well he'll probably lose it by then anyway because my guess is that she's dues anytime in August or September.
5. Why do people think John Cena and Kelly Kelly are together?
A: I really don't know why.
6. When did Melina and Batista start dating? Wasn't she dating Nitro at one point in time?
A: It was sometime in 2006. Yes but she broke up with him before that.
7. Does John Cena have any children?
A: No he doesn't.

Q: hi i was wondering if mickie is going to turn heel soon? Is melina going to turn face?

A: I'm pretty sure neither will happen soon.

January 6, 2008

Hey there...

1) Why did WWE want Ric Flair to win by a DQ instead of HHH?
A: They want to keep Ric Flair winning so that he's going to stay in the business so that's why they're fixing it that way.
2) What's RAW's highest rating ever?
I couldn't find a list of all the ratings ever but there was a show that was a Raw special that got a 7.2 rating.
3) Will Brock Lesnar or Golberg ever come back to WWE?
A: No I don't think either of them.

Bye, From Tx
Thanks for the questions!

January 5, 2008

does john cena have a girlfriend?
A: No. He's single.

Q; when is john cena returning?

A: They're not sure yet because it depends on how well the healing process goes. It could be any time from May-October but he might return earlier just to make appearances on tv though.

Q: is john cena 30 and isnt his bday on april 23?

A: Yes he is 30 and yes that is his birthday.

Q; does edge and vicky really love each other?
A: No they don't. It's just a storyline.

Jauary 2, 2008

Hey Kelly. Happy New Year. I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Who is Kelly Kelly?
A: Kelly Kelly is a diva on the ECW brand.
2. When is John Cena coming back? Is he single?
A: He'll be coming back anytime from May-October but they might bring him on for occasional appearances before he's fully recovered.
3. When is Bobby Lashley returning?
A: Most likely at the Royal Rumble.
4. Do you like the Vicki and Edge storyline. I don't think I think it's a waste of time.
A: I don't think it's a good storyline at all.
5. Why is Vicki still the general manager and Teddy Long is back?
A: Because apparently Teddy Long's only the Assistant General Manager.


January 1, 2008

hey is jeff hardy going to be wwe champion at the royal rumble i hope so !!!

Q; when is matt hardy returning i hope it is soon !!!
from hardy lover 4life

A: I don't think so but I hope so too.
No ones sure when he's coming back we'll find out sometime soon.

December 28, 2007

Q: what ever happened to Linda Miles? will she ever return to WWE?

A: She is currently residing in Cincinatti, OH and is employed by Colerain High School as a study hall enforcer. She still has a passion for wrestling though. I don't think she will return.

December 4, 2006


Here are my trivia questions for the day.

How many tattoos does CM Punk have?


from: T Walker


Who introduced Shawn Michaels to his wife?
Answer: Kevin Nash

When did Sable debut?
Answer: Wrestlemania 12

Congratulations John Cadwell

When Triple H first became a professional wrestler, who told him that he didn't have enough potential to be in the business and then released him?


____________e-mail me the answer________


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