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Fun Tidbits


....and little known facts about your favorite Wrestlers


April 18, 2011

Vince McMahon absolutely hates the Sin Cara trampoline entrance, especially after Cara nearly messed it up two out of the first three times he performed it on television. It was nearly killed after Raw and may end up completely scrapped.

July 6, 2010

WWE has banned chops in their matches because chops always receive a Ric Flair "Whooooooa," who is with TNA at this time. 








World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Each month, WWE holds one or two annual pay-per-view events. One event is usually three hours long and features six to twelve matches. Pay-per-view events are a big part of how the WWE earns money.


May 9, 2008

Nick Hogan's license plate "COEHSP" stands for "Capable of Eluding High Speed Pursuit."

Nick Bollea (Hogan) was sentenced to eight months in jail for his involvement in driving a car that resulted in his friend, John Graziano, being injured.

April 1, 2008

Mark Madden is reporting that Ric Flair watched old matches he had with Ricky Steamboat to prepare for his final match with Shawn Michaels at Wrestlemania 24.

The McMahons check their writers' computers to see if they have any e-mail contact with people outside of WWE.

Vince McMahon paid for the funeral of Sherri Martel while Booker T helped pay for the gravestone.

The Sandman's release last week from the WWE was due to an arguement with WWE Agent Rick Blood (Steamboat).

August 2007
The current WWE drug testing policy was instituted after the November 2005 death of Eddie Guerrero.

Craig "Pitbull" Pittman, a WCW wrestler from the mid-1990s, is now a police deputy in Tennessee. Pittman played a close to life gimmick as he actually did duty as a Marine before wrestling.

August 1, 2007

Jesse Ventura has a new pilot planned for airing later this year called "Live Justice," costarring ex-OJ Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark.


Undertaker's real brother is Anthony Callaway

Dan Madigan, the man who wrote See No Evil , with WWE wrestler Kane as the lead character, has a son named KANE

CARLITO COOL is left handed

Torrie Wilson's real name is Victoria
Mickie James real name is Alexis Laree
The first WWE film was SEE NO EVIL distributed by Lions Gate Entertainment on May 19, 2006

HHH and Stephanie's new baby girl Aurora Rose, is the third grandchild for Vince. McMahon's eldest son, Shane, has two children with former WWE announcer Marissa Mazolla.

KANE: (once Issac Yankem) actually did study dentistry for a few monthes before dropping out.

CHRIS JERICHO: onced wrestled 3 back to back matches in Japan which took a total of about 1 hour 7 minutes

Wrestlemania was March 31 1985 in Madison Square Garden.
1980's Hulk Hogan's opponents were banned from mentioning his receding hair line in interviews.
Undertaker made his WWF debut in November 1990 at Survivor Series as the mystery partner of Ted Dibease.

The Simpsons is a favorite TV show of such wrestlers as Bret Hart, Scott Hall, and Bad Ass Billy Gunn

In September, 1997 Chris Jericho was inducted into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze - Kevin Nash
plays Super Shredder

The song that STACY KEIBLER danced to on tv's Dancing with the Stars was called "I'm like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado. Her dance partner was Tony Dovolani.
Stacy's legs are 42 inches from hip to ankle. Stacy studied Ballet before becoming a WWE wrestler where she has suffered
cracked ribs and a broken nose.

Eddie's father...Gory Guerrero was a founding father of Lucha Libre (Mexican pro wrestling), a legendary wrestling trainer, a pioneer figure in Mexico, the best pro wrestler in Mexican history over the course of his 30-year career.

Eddie Guerrero wrestled at the University of New Mexico on an athletic scholarship.

JBL knew Guerrero well. Eddie stood beside him, as a groomsmen, during his wedding. and later helped through his divorce.

Nunzio won the cruiserweight strap off Juventud Guerrera at a show in Rome.

Steve Austin is an antique collecter.
Kevin Nash play's Super Shredder in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2.

About 300 fireworks are used for each telecast. That equals more than 10 pounds of explosives.

Spike Dudley was a school teacher from Rhode Island before getting into the wrestling business

Kurt Angle's wife is a former stripper

Kevin Nash introduced Shawn Michaels to his wife, the former Nitro Girl Whisper (Rebecca Curci)

Undertaker was brought to the WWF by Brother Love.

D’Lo Brown is a certified accountant.

Tom Pritchard aka Zip and Brother Love are brothers.
Honky Tonk Man and Jerry Lawler are cousins.

The World Wrestling Federation owns the Domain www.payperview.com.

Tom "Dynamite Kid" Billington despises his cousin Davey Boy Smith so much, he can't bring himself to say his name.

Early in his career, Hulk Hogan teamed with "Dizzy Hogan" who would later be known as Brutus Beefcake

Two days before WrestleMania 9, Hogan was injured in a jet-ski accident.

The Rock's wife Dany is the Associate Vice President of Merrill Lynch

"The Crippler Cross Face" was invented by Dean Malenko and not Chris Benoit.

Bill Goldberg's father was a retired Gynecologist.

Glen Jacobs ( Kane) has degrees in English and Teaching

Andre the Giant once fell asleep during a match with Big John Studd

Randy Savage has played minor league baseball for the White Sox, Reds,and the Cardinals

Steve Austin is an antique collector

Gene Okerlund has been known as Mean Gene for years.

William Regal's new book, " Walking a Golden Mile" is full of British terms and slang. Darren Matthews (aka William Regal)

Darren wrote the book at age 37

Sabu and Rhino( that's the way he now spells it because WWE owns the name Rhyno) are in TNA. Sabu came out to help Raven. This could be the start of an ECW facion in TNA?

Hassan: real name is Mark Copani. He grew up in Detroit. He is of Italian descent.

Fast facts

Curt Henning also known as Mr. Perfect is the first guy to win 1 vs. 3 man handicap match.

Shawn Michaels also known as HBK is the first guy to win ladder match, Street fight.

Triple H has held the title for the longest period in a row [8 consecutive months]

Pat Patterson is the first guy to win the Inter Continental title in 1979.

Honky Tonk Man held the IC title [Inter continental ] for more than 14 months in a row. It is WWE record to hold this title for maximum consecutive days.

Chyna made history by becoming the one and only girl to win the Inter Continental title.

KANE is 6 feet 9 inches yet wears lifts in his boots to appear even bigger.

The Heart Throbs picked up their first victory on the May 1, 2005, edition of Sunday Night HEAT.

Chris Jericho, whose Hockey Hall of Fame father Ted Irvine played for the New York Rangers. Chris likes to talk about his Fozzy band...Wrestling and Hockey

Kurt Angle's wife is a former stripper

The Rock's wife Dany is the Associate Vice President of Merrill Lynch

Glen Jacobs (better known to the wrestling world as Kane) has degrees in English and Teaching

Eddie Guerrero's father 'Gori' invented the camel clutch

ECW's Dawn Marie appeared in the original Austin Powers MTV special as one of the go-go dancers and actually had a couple of speaking lines

Sgt. Slaughter's character was portrayed in the cartoon G.I. JOE.

Road Dogg fought in Desert Storm.

Honky Tonk Man and Jerry Lawler are cousins.

Bill Goldberg, Raven, DDP, Dean Malenko, and Barry Horowitz are Jewish.

Brian Lee (Chainz) was the best man at Mark Callaway's (The Undertaker) wedding

Glen Jacobs (kane) was born in Spain

Wrestlers that are related:

Terry/Dory Funk


Wrestlers who have been on the You've Been Punk'd tv show
are: Goldberg...Steve Austin...and The Rock

LILIAN GARCIA: began announcing RAW matches in August 1999. Lilian Garcia sang atop a float in the 2001 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. She graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina.

Muhammad Hassan: is from Detroit...so fans chanting U-S-A doesn't really affect him.

BIG SHOW: weighed 105 pounds when he was 6 years old

TNAannounced an agreement with Navarre Corporation to distribute Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's entire catalog of home videos in the United States and Canada.

The APA : was the Acolyte
Protection Agency.

Edge's theme song is called "Metallingus" and its from Alter Bridge!!

Goldberg and Steve Austin have roles in the movie THE LONGEST YARD out in May 2005

Goldberg's first dream was of, being in the NFL , were crushed when he suffered an abdominal injury in a preseason game.
He went into wrestlling then left WWE years later due to his distaste for its politics.

Evolution was formed in early 2003 when Batista joined Flair, Randy Orton and Triple H

Dave Batista grew up in Washington, D.C. and worked as a bouncer in local bars and clubs. His real name is spelled BAUTISTA

Batista returned to action, after he re-tore his tricep muscle jogging, to attack Bill Goldberg earning Triple H's bounty on the then-World Champion.

JOHN CENA: is left-handed

MICK FOLEY: ( MANKIND) is the only one to hold a KO

victory over Taker as of 2005

Randy Orton and John Cena are good friends in real life.

THE UNDERTAKER: favorite non-wrestling sports are basketball

and boxing,

John Cena's number in college was 54 (that's why most of his
wwe merchandise has a number 54!!)
He played football for eight years

The movie parody of "When Harry met Sally." Christy asks Kurt Angle to pass the SALT and he hands her the PEPPER and she uses it instead.

Shane McMahon was on camera at Wrestlemania VI, as
a referee named Shane Stevens!

Spike Dudley is a former third grade teacher from

Rhode Island before getting into the wrestling

Bill Goldberg's mother is a concert violinist!

Leatherface caused the scar on Mick Foley's left


THE HEARTBREAK KID: Shawn Michaels has no interest in getting into the movie business.

When a referee gives an "X" sign...it means that the fallen wrestler is truely injured and unable to continue in the match.

Some movie spoof ads for Hollywood road to wrestlemania 21:

BRAVEHEART-----Triple H and Ric Flair
HARRY MET SALLY---Kurt Angle. Christy and Linda Mc Mahon
BASIC INSTINCT---Stacy Keibler..Jericho..Moolah..Mae Young
TAXI-------Big Show..Batista
A FEW GOOD MEN.........John Cena..JBL.. and the Coach
PULP FICTION...........Eddie Guerrero..Booker T
FORREST GUMP.....Eugene and William Regal
DIRTY HARRY...........The Undertaker
GLADIATOR........Stone-cold Steve Austin

A new WWE Hollywood spoof commercial of the movie Taxi featuring the Big Show will debut on WWE TV soon.

KURT ANGLE: says that Shawn Michaels and himself are the best wrestlers at WWE (2005)

* WrestleMania III sets the record for the largest indoor attendance of an event in history: 93,173 .

* Many celebrities like Cyndi Lauper, Mr. T, Aretha Franklin, Donald Trump, Vanna White, Run DMC and many others attend WrestleMania.

WretleMania also has the best buyrates of all the pay-per-views held by the WWE like the World Series and SuperBowl getting higher ratings than other games held in their respective sports.

John Cena and JBL are featured on the April 2005 issue of Smackdown Magazine

Christy Hemme Playboy issue is on newstands now. (March 2005)

The Jersey John Cena wore on Smackdown this past jersey is on sale at WWE Shopzone.The retail price is $45.00

The Tough Enough Season 4 DVD is on sale at WWE Shopzone.Its retail price is $19.95

Undertaker,Rey Mysterio,and HBK are the latest superstars with new t-shirts on WWE Shopzone. 2005


The old NWA/WCW. During the late 1990s THEODORE LONG caught his big break and became one of the top referees in WWE.

It costs WWE extra money if a PPV goes longer than the time alloted. PPV companies want the shows completed with 10 minutes to spare.

CHYNA: She figures she's still women's champion, since she never lost the belt in the ring.
Her breast implants are called Chyna 2000s.
Her hair is not really jet-black and she can play the piano
She owns a Wonder Woman purse, with the words "Beat It, Creep" stamped on the side.
She is 5' 10" 165 lbs

TRIPLE H: calls that spray of water he does at his to the ring entrance a " spritz"

X-PAC: his drug rehab costs were paid by Triple H and Vince McMahon

Triple H: eats 7 small meals a day

BRUNO SAMMARTINO: built himself up without the use of drugs and steroids to 275 pounds. He performed unprecedented weight-lifting feats, including lifting the 625 pound Haystack Calhoun at Madison Square Garden - and dropping him. causing the entire ring to collapse in front of thousands of fans.

Chyna: is Fluent in 3 foreign languages.

Ric Flair: In 1991 he was fired/quit WCW. He showed up in the WWF soon thereafter holding the WCW title and claimed to be the "Real World's champion." The reason he was able to leave the company with the title is because he owned tr bought it back from Flair for reportedly $75,000. (source "Ask Amanda")

The year 2004:
The Rock, Triple H, Kane and John Cena all take time
off for Hollywood movie ventures.

Victoria: Before becoming a professional wrestler she used to compete in motorcross events.

Big Show's boot size is 22 / 5E

The average wrestling match is 8 minutes

Kevin Nash is 45 years old

Two Wrestling Legends: Ric Flair and Jerry "King" Lawler have only had 4 matches in the ring together.

The only woman who defended the Intercontinental Championship against Chris Jericho at Armageddon 1999 was CHYNA

If any one Superstar symbolizes WWE, it's the Undertaker.

Roddy Piper talks about wrestling...quote: "Seventy guys under the age of 45 have died since 1997,"

The Royal Rumble winner automatically receives a title shot at a Wrestlemaina

Andre The Giant:
He wore a size 22 shoe.
Owned a 160-acre ranch near Rockingham, North Carolina where he raised quarter horses and longhorns.
Slept diagonally on a king-size bed.
Once consumed 117 bottles of German beer in one sitting.

Jackie Gayda (Miss Jackie) and Charlie Haas are a great combination in the ring and outside too. Haas and Miss Jackie are engaged to be married sometime next year 2005

TOMMY DREAMER: is set to take over Prichard's job as Vice-President of WWE Talent Relations.


Eddie's father Gory was the patriarch of arguably the premier family in wrestling history. Eddie's older brothers Chavo, Mando and Hector gained worldwide reputations as excellent wrestlers,

Ric Flair: To Be the Man, cowritten with Keith Elliot Greenberg, chronicles the anguish and exhilaration of Flair's life and career -- in painfully honest detail.

8/3/97: In one of WWE's scariest moments, Stone Cold Steve Austin breaks his neck when Owen Hart connects with an unconventional piledriver. Somehow, Austin manages to pull out the SummerSlam victory to claim the Intercontinental Championship.

Sean O'Haire and WWE part ways last month after a long period sitting on the sidelines not being used in the company. His highest profile match for the company was a Backlash 2003 match against Rikishi, where O'Haire was managed by Roddy Piper. The company never found a role for O'Haire after Piper was dropped from the company in June 2003. O'Haire recently made an appearance for New Japan Pro Wrestling.
[Source: PWInsider.Com]

GAIL KIM: likes romance-comedies, something like Mickey Blue Eyes. Loves hamburgers and fries. Is a shop-aholic and, gets moody when she is tired. Can make a great low calorie Tuna Fish Sandwich. Was popular in High School

The Eddie Guererro vs. John Bradshaw Leyfield feud is an
unqualified success.

Wrestling Term: RING RAT is a woman who hangs around the arenas and hotels after a wrestling show looking to sleep with one of the wrestlers.

Part of Mankind's (Mick Foley) right ear was torn off by Vader on a tour of Germany when his head was caught between the ropes.

FAROOQ: was an All-American football player at Florida State

JERRY LAWLER: was a radio disc jockey.

ROAD DOG: fought in Desert Storm.

REY MESTERIO: like's to go Cliff diving for fun.

ANDRE THE GIANT: before he had any idea of becoming a pro wrestler, he used to collect stamps!

THE ULTIMATE WARRIOR: left the WWF in 1991 because he and Vince McMahon did not come to terms on his future role.

FATU / THE SULTAN: once earned money by dancing on the streets of San Fransisco!

JEFF JARRETT: Before Becoming a wrestler, he worked as a Referee.

AL SNOW: His head, was the model for Mankind's Mask.

JOHN BRADSHAW: played his last two college games with a broken leg.

X-PAC: has a Black Belt in Judo.

CHRIS JERICHO: has a degree in Journalism.

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Grand Master Sexay are Father and Son

Jerry "The King" Lawler and Honkey Tonk Man are Cousins

Kurt Angle and Eric Angle are Brothers
Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy are Brothers

$1 million + per year

These are the big money earners in wrestling. In this bracket are Big Show ($1 million per year until 2009), Ken Shamrock ($1.1 million per year until 2001) & Steve Austin earned over $6 million in 1999.

MATT HARDY: has broken his nose 3 times.

NO WAY OUT: was the biggest night of Eddie Guerrero's career.

EDGE: If all goes well, Edge will be a World Heavyweight Championship contender if not the World Heavyweight Champion by November, when his autobiography, Adam Copeland on Edge, hits bookstores.
If I can do a promotional tour with a belt around my waist and a book in my hand, I don't think I can beat that, he said. Edge wrote the book himself with no help (credit www.wwe.com)

RIC FLAIR: was on a radio show talking about Wrestlemania. He also talked about steroids and said he never used them. The host announced that Ric was going to be a Grandfather soon.

THE UNDERTAKER: (Mark Callaway) had a small role in the 1991, Hulk Hogan movie, Suburban Commando.

The Road Dogg was a highly decorated solider in Desert Storm.

BROCK apparently complained to a friend that he had only time to do 30 minutes worth of training in the gym because of his busy travel schedule.

CHRIS NOWINSKI has missed seven-plus months of wrestling and still having headaches, he's confident that his in-ring career is far from over, saying, The important thing is, I will come back to wrestle as soon as we get rid of these things that I believe are beatable and so do my doctors." (credit www.wwe.com)

EDGE is due a major push on SmackDown after WrestleMania.


John Cena burst onto the WWE scene on the June 27, 2002, episode of UPN's SmackDown!

On January 24, 1984, in front of a sold-out crowd in Madison Square Garden, Hulk Hogan defeated the Iron Shiek in 5:30 to capture his first WWE Championship.

January 21, 2004 - World Wrestling Entertainment said today that it is excited with UPN's decision to exercise its option to renew WWE SmackDown! for two more years, keeping the program on UPN at least through September 2006.

OLIVIA WALKER: she was the seamstress who made the glitter robes for Rick Flair...22 different robes. She also did work for Dolly Parton.
Olivia passed away two years ago.

As of this date: December 1, 2003... MOLLY HOLLY ...STACEY KEIBLER....and GAIL KIM are the only Diva's that have not had a boob job.

EVOLUTION: the four members...Orton...Flair...Triple H...Batista..have a combined weight of 838 lbs in the ring.

WWE UNSCRIPTED a hardcover coffee table photos book (240 pages) is on sale now for $45.00

In late 1998-early 1999, the Four Horsemen reformed, this time with Benoit, Ric Flair, Dean Malenko and Mongo McMichael, and Arn Anderson as special advisor.

RICK FLAIR: once won and lost 12 thousand dollars in one night.. playing just 3 hands of Black Jack.

BAM BAM BIGELOW: weighed 360 lbs

Slam Wrestling Website Poll for 2003
Best Wrestler of 2003 : Male
1. Kurt Angle (15%
2. Chris Benoit (14%). 3. Chris Jericho (12%). 4. Eddie Guerrero, Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar, Jon Cena (9%). 5. Rob Van Dam.

LILIAN GARCIA: is the ring announcer on RAW. She loves to sing and listen to hard rock music....she is featured on the CD WWE Orginials out January 2004 with the song "You just don't know me."

HULK HOGAN: said ...that Andre the Giant was well over 700 lbs when he body slammed him. Hogan tore his back lower shoulder muscles doing it....but, felt it was worth it. It was not planned...Andre told him to do it while they were in the ring in a match....That match made the history books for nobody ever could pick up The Giant

ANDRE THE GIANT: once drank 107 beers at one sitting...Hulk Hogan was there to witness it.

The Rock has certainly been on a roll lately.
He had his big screen movie debut in 'The Mummy Returns', had a baby with his wife Dany and returned triumphantly to the WWF, where he proceeded to capture the WCW title...(credit Slam Sports )

CHUCK PALUMBO: was sitting in an airport that Sunday morning when news broke that U.S. forces had captured Saddam Hussein.

A former member of the Navy, Palumbo dialed his brother, Chris, who joined the Navy at the same time and continues to serve in the armed forces. Chris Palumbo was part of Operation Iraqi Freedom before returning to the U.S. about two months ago.(WWE website)

BIG SHOW: real name is Paul Wight, the giant-sized World Wrestling Federation superstar was found not guilty of assaulting a wrestling fan in 1999.

RIKISHI: his WWE contract expires in October 2005

TRISH STRATUS: never wants to pose nude in PlayBoy Magazine...she has been asked...but said. "If you have seen one naked blond, you have seen them all."

BIG SHOW: his favorite thing is THE RAT PACK ERA...he can be seen in a Tux and martini in hand emulating his idols Dean Martin..Frank Sinatra..Peter Lawford...Sammy Davis Jr....and Joey Bishop. He just loves their music.

PAUL HEYMAN: love him or hate him ....the man is a genius in the way he as kicked up the pace as General Manager of Smackdown...he comes up with the storylines and gives it his all.

SUPERSTAR WRESTLERS went to IRAQ to spend Christmas day entertaining the troops along with comedian Robin Williams....who joked "I hear Saddam has gotten Johnnie Cochren to defend him."...this show was aired from there on Thursdays SmackDown on Christmas Day.

THE ROYAL RUMBLE: features 15 of the best wrestlers from SmackDown and 15 of the best wrestlers from RAW.

STEVE AUSTIN: was a big coffee drinker, until he had a panic attack before an event...saying he almost blew his heart out..so that was when he became a beer drinker. He is now having a regular guy light beer produced with his name on it "Stone-Cold Beer."

KEVIN NASH: turned down his renewal WWE contract because it had him working 5 days a week...he said NO .... he needs to be with his family and kids more....He may do TV or movies instead.

BROCK LESNAR: makes the cover of FLEX magazine February 2004 issue

LATINO HEAT: the Guererros on the cover of SmackDown Magazine Feb 2004 and LOW-RIDER magazine.

EVOLUTION: made the cover of RAW January 2004 issue

JOHNATHAN COACHMAN: thinks he is the best announcer in the WWE...Fans do not agree.

X-PAC: started wrestling at age 15

TRISH STRATUS: her real name is Trish Stratigios...she is 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighs 118 lbs.....her first career choice was ..to be a doctor.

MATT HARDY: prefers a window seat on an airplane


RHYNO: his new year resolution is " TO DRINK LESS"...he does not know if he can keep it very long...cause "DRINKING IS A LOT OF FUN"

ERIC BISCHOFF: wants to make more money this year and fire everyone he dislikes.

RANDY ORTON: this year wants to have less romantic encounters a day. Wants to destroy more wrestling legends in 2004

CHYNA AND X-PAC: were not invited to Triple H and Stephanie's wedding October 27, 2003


WWE UNSCRIPTED: this 240 page hardcover book is about peeking behind the curtain at the Superstar Wrestlers

The WWE Originals CD: features The Dudley Boyz singing a song title "We've Had Enough!" out for sale January 13, 2004

REY MYSTERIO: is included as one of the singers in the CD also.

EVOLUTION: Triple H...Ric Flair ...Batista...and Randy Orton own Ferrari's....Raw Magazine features the story on the Dealership selling them their cars.

RODDY PIPER: was Ric Flair's best man at his wedding.

MICK FOLEY: has a daughter named Noelle

CHRIS JERICHO: was inducted into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame in September 1997

STACY KEIBLER: was a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens.

SCOTT STEINER: is known as the only "Genetic Freak" at WWE

JAZZ: is probably the meanest woman ever to compete in a ring.

CHRISTOPHER NOWINSKI: holds a degree from Harvard.

TERRI: is not a full-time competitior..now just a spot as a behind-the-scenes interviewer on RAW

IVORY: involved in RTC which is devoted to cleaning up "smut" in WWE

RICO: was a former American Gladiator...he surfaced in WWE as a "stylist" for Billy & Chuck. Now he has a partner, Miss Jackie, who shares his self-centered attitude.

ROB VAN DAM: not only has his very own comic book store...but, his own comic book called 'TWISTED PERCEPTION"

CHRISTIAN: recently purchased a 70-foot yacht and named it
"Deep Blue Peep"

MR McMAHON: does not scratch anyone's back for free.

STEVE AUSTIN: gave the hurt chef and his family ringside seat tickets to WrestleManian XX to smooth things over.

STEVE AUSTIN: was approached by a major Hollywood producer wanting to give Austin his own reality show. It maybe in the works soon.

GARRISON CADE: has the hardest punch ever felt.

GOLDDUST: won an auction for a priceless
EDGAR ALLAN POE original manuscript.

MARK JINDRACK : is a former college basketball player.

STU HART: his memorial service attendance was over 700 people plus news crews from throughout Canada...Stu leaves a wife (Helen) and 12 children.

BILL GOLDBERG: was a hot football prospect at Tulsa, Oklahoma's Edison High School before he signed with the Georgia Bulldogs. Jim Ross officiated a few of those high school football games...Goldberg was a defensive lineman(credit Raw magazine)

KEVIN NASH: is still recovering from a neck injury 2 years ago....His contract with the WWE expires early 2004

JERRY "The King" LAWLER: has a collection of Gone With The Wind Movie collectables....Gone With The Wind is his favorite movie...he has a drawing he did of Clark Gable. He claims to have watch this movie over 20 times

STEVEN RICHARDS: stopped wearing the color pink in his gear...at the end of November 2003....he was noted for it...now he wears black trunks instead.

NEW DVD Shawn Michaels: From the Vault
6 hours running time at a price of $ 29.95

SHAWN MICHAELS: is known by his fellow wrestlers as the "THE SHOW STOPPER"

EDGE: for the last three years goes to the Special Olympics...where,, being there with the kids, keeps things in perspective for him...he enjoys their smiling faces. He usually drives by car to get there, stopping off at roadside diners along way.

STEVE AUSTIN: wears a $40,000 Rolex with his t-shirt and jeans.

SAD NOTE: Jerry "THE WALL" Tuite died Dec 5th 2003 in Japan after a wrestling match...he was found alone in his hotel room...dead of an acute heart attack at the age of 36

SAD NOTE: Ric Flair's mother passed away this Nov. 2003

THE CAT finally did his thing (dancing with pink shoes in the ring)...trying to get SABLE to dance with him...but, when he could not get her to ...he planted a kiss on her lips....she left the ring in a huff and very angry.

SUPERSTARS: have suddenly chosen to cut their long hair to short or to shave themselves bald...the long hair on a wrestler seems to be over except for a very few.

Those that have and were noted for their long locks are: KEVIN NASH..TEST..CHRISTIAN..SHAWN MICHAELS..KANE , AL SNOW...BRADSHAW ..FLAIR ...UNDERTAKER .. GUERRERO to name a few.

BATISTA: is a physically bigger wrestler than GOLDBERG

BIG SHOW: has a lower left leg tattoo that is sometimes completely covered by the type of boot he wears into the ring.

PAUL HEYMAN: is now the new General Manager of SMACKDOWN ..replacing Stephanie McMahon

TRIPLE H & STEPHANIE are on their real-life honeymoon..they will be absent from future programs of Raw and Smackdown until mid-November

TRIPLE H has finished his small villian role in BLADE lll....and he maybe the next CONAN in a new picture deal coming up soon.

SCOTTY 2 HOTTIE returned to Smackdown October 23rd 2003 to wrestle after a long time out with a injury....He did the worm, and some moon-walking...and break dancing.

The NWA-TNA has cancelled it's Nov. 30th three hour PAY-PER-VIEW due to Hulk Hogan having surgery on his knee.

STU HART: born 1915 passed away this month...he was married and has 12 children.

BUBBA DUDLEY: wore a arm band with the word HAWK on it and dedicated by gesture to the crowd the match to this Road Warrior who passed away this week at the age of 45.

JERICHO: also wore a plain black arm band in tribute to the fallen wrestler.

LITA: has the inside of her lower lip tattooed with the word PUNK

BATISTA: had a tattoo design around his navel, and his tongue pierced

GOLDBERG: has a hurt ankle and has been limping the last few weeks.

ROAD WARRIOR HAWK: passed away this year...his catch phrase was " AAAAAAA WHAT A RUSH!

JOHN CENA: is now in ads selling Stacker Stinger drinks with Rap.

LITA: confirmed in Toranto Canada, that Jeff Hardy will not be coming back to the WWE anytime soon. Lita is dating his brother MATT HARDY. The (in real life) brothers are very close.

SHAWN MICHAELS: .... is now showing the signs of Male Pattern Baldness...his hair as thinned out this year.

EDDIE GURERRO: did not know he was an alcoholic until he woke up in jail for a DUI....lost his wife...and wrestling.....he has in the last 2 years, turn his life around...got hired again ..his wife is back and he has managed to be an inspiration to his fans.

MATT HARDY: has had 3 concussions thus far...recent one by Mysterio on Aug 21...then there was the Moonsault off the top of the rope, he did, landing head first to a unpadded concrete floor. It knocked him out for 90 seconds....next Bubba Ray clobbered him with a ladder during a TLC match at WrestleMania x-seven

ZACK: has taken time off after Brock Lesnar walloped his only leg against a ring post...canceling another match together at SummerSlam, but, it was Matt's concussion that really was the issue.

EDGE: Has two superstitions: wears the same socks always when he wrestles..dries them out at night...then wears them again..and always has to wear some kind of chain around his neck....shades he wears are called Black Flys.

KEVIN NASH: Lost his father to a heart attack when he was 8 yrs old.

CHRIS JERICHO: His first car was, a not to good to look at ,1976 Volore. He paid 400 dollars for it even though all the gears were backwards.

EDGE: loves homemade blueberry cobblers. Owns two small poodles and writes a commentary for WWE website on tuesdays.

IVORY: is 41. She was a cheerleader in high school ..now a Diva with the WWE.

SPIKE DUDLEY: Writes a column for the WWE website on the commentary page. Weighs 140lbs.

KURT ANGLE: Has a cousin who went to a school in Paris to be a chef in California. He is a top athelete and completed in the Olympics....it' true...it's true!

KANE: Others have played the Character of Kane.

CHRISTIAN: and Edge: went to the same elementary schools in Toranto, Canada, and are still close to this day. Close like brothers and close to their families.

THE ROCK: has many movies lined up after the success of The Scorpion King...His appearance on SNL as it's host ,was the most watched show of that year. Doing it showed up his many talents for the movie screen

CHRIS JERICHO: drives a SUV, only because it can carry his bags back and forth to ariports. Is an only child..Got married on July 30, 2000. Worked in journalism in high school until he was 18 , the age you can be trained as wrestler. He attended College.

CHYNA: and Triple H were a couple in real life for 4 years.

TRIPLE H: really admires Arnold Schwarzenegger. Hunter has appeared on The Drew Carey Show and, on the Weakess Link, he won.. donating the winnings to the Breast Cancer Foundation. Has been on Conan O'Brian show 3 times...Recently on the Tom Green Show talking to a 4 year old expert on Wrestling who hates him.

HULK HOGAN: His wife, Linda, owns and operates a small restaurant in California that is quite successful and patrons are use to seeing the Hogan visit there. He met his wife in a bar.

RHYNO: when at loose ends..goes to Edge's Home for a home cooked meal and homebaked cookies. Rhyno took Edge's place as Benoit tag team partner due to Edge's injuries and will remain so until Edge's comeback.

GOLDBERG: is a mean risk taking wrestler in the ring. He has injured many opponents with his careless in the ring moves. He is not skilled in the safety of his opponents or cares to be. In an untelevised match Goldberg gave Hunter his current groin injury.

Not a team player of the WWE. Matches with him are dreaded.

He wants to be the Next Heavy Weight Champion on Raw.

STEPHANIE McMAHON : is ten years younger than Triple H.... the wrestler she plans to marry in October 25,2003

THE GAME: plans to retire from in ring wrestling in 4 years. and work on WWE storylines etc.



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